Medicinal plants: Plantain

In terms of PD with drugs, as you understand, there will be big problems. It’s possible to use it. And health problems will always be. And you have to go literally to the “pasture.” It is a fact that it is possible that it will be possible to disappear or be unavailable. Most, but not all.

Plantain It is a grass that has been found to be the most hypothetical climate change. Therefore, it is not necessary to pay attention first.

We are not particularly interested in taxonomic features. We, frankly, even a specific view plantain Not all, since these plants. But most of all, of course, in plantain large. If you can see it, it can be distinguished from the form of spikelets. It is warm season is available.

As biochemists say, plan, leaves, glycoside, glycolic acid, polysaccharides, flavonoids, saponins, survivalist. Well, besides salicylic acid, it tells you about the existence of acetyl salicylic acid (an effective cough medicine). So, all these substances determine practical value. plantain. Namely:

  • anti-inflammatory effect
  • hemostatic
  • expectorant
  • wound healing
  • antiulcer
  • bacteriostatic
  • acidity reducing

There is a fresh wound – we use plantain. Heal – we use it plantain. There is a feeling of a heartburn plantain. There is a long viscous cough – use plantain. Yes, I apologize, hemorrhoids and sverbezh in the rectum – we put there plantain. Almost universal remedy, in short. Of course, it’s not necessary to count for miracles. Butterfly sheet fine.

It is used as follows. Need to take the sheets plantain, wash it out. It is possible to apply it directly. You can get the juice out of it. And drink this juice in a teaspoon. You can dry the leaves or seeds, chop It can be stored for quite some time.

Now for the cons. On plantain may be stupidly allergic. In this case, it’s possible. Farther. Plantain contraindicated in gastritis and ulcers caused by high acidity. Persons with increased blood clotting should not use plantain.

Total a plant that grows, it helps to keep it healthy, it’s possible to keep it healthy, it’s healthy, it’s healthy, it’s healthy, Does this have any practical practical meaning? Yes there is. It’s not just like that plantain It takes an extraordinary and healthy culture.

And yes, comrades, I know about it, and so on. But this doesn’t really negate the tool. And when it comes to the patches, there are patches,

The medicine

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