Medicinal plants: Wormwood

In spite of the fact that it has been taken into account in the empirical way. AND phytotherapy True knowledge can adapt successfully. Contributes and helps.

And when BP comes in, the plants will remain the only way of treatment. Therefore, we can understand the significant climatic changes. And today we will talk about sagebrush bitter, because it is the most prominent member of her family.

Is growing sagebrush almost everywhere in Europe, Asia, North Africa and even North America. It is a perennial plant, therefore it is a cold win win without problems. The bush itself can be reached. The barrel is quite thin, with silver hair. The leaves below are small, long-petiolate, pinnatisect, pinned, simple and lanceolate. The flowers are small and yellow. Breeds sagebrush seeds. It is completely undemanding to its quality. Therefore bushes wormwood can often be found on wastelands

Beneficial features wormwood It has been a long time since it was used. This was facilitated by the amount of the essential oils contained in the plant. In addition, chemists were able to detect saponins, flavonoids, tannins, glycosides, organic acids and carotene. For a characteristic bitter taste wormwood, which you cannot confuse with anything, it is glycosides that are responsible.

This determines the main purpose of the funds based on wormwood – treatment of various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It is effectively irritated, because it causes a lot of irritation. Saponins have a slight tannic effect on the mucous membrane affected by the inflammatory processes. The glycosides themselves paralyze the parasites of the motor muscles. wormwood. It is also permissible to use funds based on wormwood outwardly – for the treatment of scabies, eczema, herpes and various inflammatory processes.

But those substances that make sagebrush effective – at the same time make it very toxic. Therefore, it is also possible to limit the use of this drug. As for the combination wormwood it is better to abstain from it. It is a fact that it can reduce the amount of alcohol in your skin. People suffering from hallucinations of the nervous system, sagebrush also contraindicated.

Have you noticed that the list of contraindications of wormwood is no less than the evidence? Almost as with a full drug. This indicates the least sagebrush it is so popular in herbal medicine.

Harvested sagebrush In the course of the rainforest, it will be All this unfolds in the centimeters and it turns out well. The state of readiness is determined by the moment.

Most often from wormwood make infusion. For two minutes at a time of meals. Also popular is spirit tincture. To do this, two tablespoons poured vodka or cheap brandy (about 0.5 liters). The mixture is heated for 10 minutes in 48 hours. After that, it can be taken, but in the small doses – half a teaspoon maximum.

In addition to direct medicinal use, sagebrush It also the mole moth, the cockroaches, the mole moth, and many others. And this applies to both fresh leaves and dried. Also sagebrush small quantities can be given to herbivorous pets. It will be bitter.

Medicinal plants: Wormwood

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