Meetings and conflicts with the local population on a campaign, expedition or travel, recommendations.

In tourism practice, an analysis of incidents related to conflicts with the local population shows that a significant part of them was provoked by the wrong behavior of the tourists themselves, who either behaved provocatively, that is, got what they deserved, or carelessly recklessly, which attracted the attention of potential offenders. 

Meetings and conflicts with the local population on a campaign, expedition or travel, recommendations.

Whether we want it or not, we have to work on an inhabited planet. In addition, if tourists have the opportunity to choose a route bypassing suspicious settlements, then the search engine does not have such an opportunity. The area of ​​work of the expedition is determined by the area of ​​the event under investigation. And it may well be two hundred meters from the village outskirts, with all the ensuing consequences.

otherwise they will be repeated daily, each time in a new composition. You can not disturb the peace of the local population. If you walk along the main street of the village with loud songs and music, especially in the evening (I explain to the townspeople who are far from rural life that the ascent to the field work takes place at 4-5 in the morning), then the reaction to your behavior will be quite unambiguous and, most importantly, quite fair.

One should not even show hints of interest in the local female representatives. This is almost an absolute guarantee of the future very serious conflict. For the same reason, you should not attend local discos and other entertainment events. Even if you are invited there. However, expeditionary girls should not get carried away by local guys and even more so appear before their eyes in the form of, let’s say, too attractive. As an information for consideration, I recall that there are several cases when the court acquitted the rape accused because of the provocative behavior of the victim. In other words, do not make yourself a bait. There are a lot of hungry fish eager to swallow it in any village.

And, of course, it is strictly forbidden to take ANY things, even at first glance ownerless. Firstly, it is simply indecent. For those for whom there are no unwritten norms, I remind you that theft (and your actions will be qualified just like that) is not approved not only by morality, but also by the Criminal Code. However, they will most likely judge you right on the spot and in a completely understandable way. Is it always worth going in camouflage uniforms? There is no single answer to this question. On the one hand, in addition to obvious convenience, it disciplines.

And not only the one who wears it, but also the one with whom he has to communicate, but at the same time she really should be worn as a uniform, and not as an outfit. On the other hand, the army is not always favorably treated (and, unfortunately, sometimes quite justifiably), in addition, it may be tempting to check the steepness … In a word, the choice is yours. And now a few words about the steepness. In most search expeditions, you can meet people who have good sports, military and other special training. But truly serious fighters, unnecessarily, will never climb on their own, they were taught this..

Those who are obsessed with thirst for everyday feats in their youth will have to remind about something. First of all, you are not alone in the group. And the opponents from the local population who have successfully defeated you yesterday may well be able to recoup on your slightly less prepared comrades today. Secondly, offended opponents do not need to mobilize for satisfaction all the male population of their village, and along the way also two neighboring ones. And in this case, most likely, even you will not find it enough. Thirdly, we should not forget that in villages, especially in remote areas, weapons are almost always.

And besides, in a number of regions, most laws come down to one ingenuous formulation: taiga law, bear prosecutor. To compete with the local population in shooting at moving targets, I strongly do not recommend the gun they are holding in their hands from primary school age, which you can hardly boast of. Fourth, even your complete and unconditional victory over the local population, in all likelihood, will mean an urgent curtailment of the camp and leaving the work area. Because only a madman dares to work in an area where the population is obsessed with just one idea of ​​revenge. Accordingly, the expedition will not fulfill its tasks.

In the event of real hostilities for such a heroism, you would most likely have to answer before the tribunal. Finally, I recall the phrase attributed to the legendary Bruce Lee and in different versions I have repeatedly heard from former fighters of special forces with whom I had to communicate: The best fight is the one that did not take place! If conflict cannot be avoided and the fight is inevitable, defend yourself! But remember, this fight will not be conducted according to the rules approved by the Boxing Federation. And in it, ANY tricks can be applied to you, including such exotic ones as the rear spring of the Belarus tractor or the steering column of the ZIL-131 car.

Accordingly, you should forget about all the laws of chivalry and ANY AVAILABLE WAYS FOR YOU to protect your life and the life of your comrades. By the way, in this situation, the law is on your side. There is only one thing to keep in mind: an attack on an AFTER after the disappearance of a threat emanating from him (for example, on an evader), and even more so reprisal against a helpless one (for example, lying wounded) is still a crime.

The need to inform the group commander as soon as possible of ANY situation that has at least the LOWEST PROBABILITY of escalating into a conflict, especially since open clashes with the local population, I think you should not specifically remind. We wish everyone to remember this and always find a worthy and reasonable way out of any difficult situations..

Based on materials from the book Stalker Handbook. Alphabet of survival.
Vadim Chernobrov.

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