Melt water, useful properties, use, obtaining melt water from drinking water by freezing.

Even in ancient chronicles it is mentioned that meltwater from under the glaciers has a beneficial effect on the living organism. Many interesting facts have been accumulated in science and practice, pointing to the special biological properties of fresh water.

Melt water, useful properties, use, obtaining melt water from drinking water by freezing.

The use of melt water for four months has a beneficial effect on the human body. He is “getting younger”, becoming more cheerful. American farmers believe that the introduction of melt water in the diet of pigs accelerates their development by adding “one steak per day from each pig”.

It is customary to explain these facts by the fact that melt water contains less deuterium – the so-called heavy water. However, there is other evidence. Physicist Yu.A. Sikorsky and his colleagues found that the dielectric constant of fresh water is less than that of ordinary water, and reaches its usual rate in only 800 seconds. That is, after more than thirteen hours.

The English Gray and Kruksiank found the same slowed down change in the magnetic susceptibility of melt water. So she “remembers” that she was once frozen, that was ice? Melt water preserves the molecular structure of ice and is the most beneficial for the body, as it improves protein, and through it other types of metabolism.

Therefore, migratory birds return in spring from south to north, where the chicks are hatched. Spring melt water stimulates the vital activity of all animals and plants. It is no coincidence that all life in spring blossoms and hatches offspring.

Melt water, useful properties, use, obtaining melt water from drinking water by freezing.

Summer residents have long and successfully used melt water to soak seeds in preparing them for sowing and for watering plants. The active properties of melt water are maintained for 5-6 hours (no more than a day), so it should not be harvested for future use.

Getting melt water from drinking water by freezing.

Melt water is obtained by melting ice or snow. The water obtained when defrosting refrigerators, warmed up to room temperature, can be used for watering indoor flowers. Freezing water with subsequent thawing (melt water) helps to improve the quality of drinking water, reduce the harmful effects of nitrates, chlorides and other chemical compounds contained in it..

In small quantities, melt water can be obtained using vessels with a wide, like bottom, throat:

Paper and plastic bags.
Aluminum cans.

Glass, enamelled, earthenware and galvanized iron containers are not suitable for this purpose..

The process of obtaining melt water is simple:

Settled water is poured into the vessel and placed in the freezer.
First, water freezes near the walls of the vessel. This ice is clean and clear..
Water saturated with harmful substances freezes later, accumulating in the middle of the tank. The ice obtained from it is whitish and cloudy.

Do not give the opportunity to form a “middle” ice. Untreated water must be drained, and pure ice melt and eat. The use of melt water in the diet is recommended to supplement with a small amount of mineral water.

Based on materials from the book The Most Common Methods of Water Treatment.
Ershov M.E..

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