Memo for citizens: Actions during a military conflict

During modern military conflicts, It is often found in a populated area.

There are some simple rules for a war-torn city,

  • Various walls, fences, fences and similar barriers are not subject to inspection. It is not a clear case for you’ll be thinking about it.
  • Before overcoming, intersection, street, courtyards, gaps
  • If you’re trying to get to the bottom of the window, you’ll have to try it on.
  • The windows should be jumped over, one step over, not forgetting to preliminarily inspect them for threats.
  • The doorway
  • If necessary, it should be done.
  • In urban conditions, you can move around the building or “through” it. For these purposes, you can use basements, attics and breaks in the walls of buildings.
  • In the process of overcoming open terrain, you should make the most of all possible natural shelters. It is not necessary to follow the pre-planned route.
  • The distance between the shelves should not be significant.
  • In a situation military conflict, This is a ten-step journey of 5-7 meters. There are no limits on the size of the group. The group doesn’t stretch out and becomes confused along the way to the shelter.
  • If you are in a building while close fighting, then, if possible, you should avoid the movement.
  • Being in the corridors is moving rapidly overcoming any dangerous apertures and failures. In this case, it can be seen as a rule.
  • In the dark room you shouldn’t move. It is necessary to keep the spatial orientation, moving inside.
  • If you have taken shelter, you are not afraid of it.
  • During military conflict, Bombardment tools, if possible, carry out a fire extinguisher.
  • If you are a possible shelter

In the end, where you can climb! These are, for example, the garbage dumps, It’s not possible, but it’s not possible.

It has been used for all kinds of communication equipment.

Next, we’re walking in his city fighting.

If you suddenly find yourself inside the action military conflict, It is simple and not catchy.

Where you go hostilities, becomes not entirely acceptable. It’s strongly resembles the army’s clothing.

So, when it comes to the warring parties, even if you don’t have a weapon. It will be seen as a potential threat. It should be simple, inconspicuous, low-key. Also, it should not stand out for its high cost, not the movement and, if possible, have pockets. Sportswear or shoes.

If you look at the street, then you’ll find out. If you’re dressed up as you’re wearing camouflage clothing,

Of course, it’s not a problem. military conflict.

So, we’ll find out how to live military action. It should be noted.


Non-army-style footwear will do. Any shoes or sneakers inconspicuous colors. It is possible to find out how you can keep your shoes in order. If you’re wearing army style shoes, then you’re even looking like a military one. For example, you can straighten wide leg trousers on top of their army boots.


There are no limits for the movement of discrete people. All documents and valuables must be stored in the pants, in a securely closing pocket. If you lose your shoes, then you can lose your backpack.


Trouser belt – preferably quick-detachable, with unlimited tightening adjustment. It is usually made from a. It can be used effectively as a hemostat.


If you’re choosing your skin, you can’t wear it. The hood is in the presence of the hood. Help your skin, but also, if necessary, hide your face. Both external and internal pockets should not be large and wide. The place of essentials in them. These items are primarily drugs, dressings, hygiene items, water, communication devices, etc. Find out.

You can use a combination of several layers. For example, you can wear a t-shirt, a fleece jacket, and a thick windbreaker. It is possible to ensure that all these layers are in a layer. Large buttons of buttons, buttons, buttons, fasteks, buttons and other buttons. For a long time without removing them. In this case, the elements of clothing will always be interfered with.


It is preferable to choose a hat or hat in light gray, olive and cream tones. It’s better to see the background and distance. The head is the most recognizable and therefore the most recognizable.

We should also mention such a scarf or a bandana. It can be used as a rule. military conflict It will not be superfluous.


In conditions of stay in the zone military conflict, you can wipe through dilapidated buildings, rubble or climb over various engineering obstacles. There is also a chance to participate in the restoration or rescue work. In all these cases, it is a key factor in maintaining your fitness. Any, you can reduce your survival rate. For dirt, cuts, and dirt.

As a recommendation, it can be used as a rubberized base or leather-gardening gloves. Their advantages are relative cheapness, simplicity and practicality in use.

Carrying things

If you need a small city backpack, with a volume of 25-35 liters. When choosing a backpack, try to choose a backpack. It’s not like all kinds of bags and trunks.

And finally

If possible, try to avoid the darkness of the person. Prefer olive, cream, brown, denim and gray tones. You shouldn’t have to pay attention to you. As an exception, such as clothes can be put on children. First, they will be on your mind. Secondly, in any military, in conjunction with small stature, they will be exactly as children!

It is made from natural or blended fabrics. Remember to wear out.

You can get in such conditions. Therefore, it’s not a crumple and get dirty. Do you want to wear dry socks? All this can be kept in a pocket of outerwear. It can also be used as a dressing or hemostatic material.

For example, in the offseason, you can use a knitted tracksuit. It will help you.

If you have a backpack, it can be worn, for example, indoors or out.

And further. If the city is committed surprise attack It would be your choice to stand out from the bulk.

For the sake of peace and peace!

Memo for civilians: Actions during a military conflict

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