Memo on how to aim

A small reminder of how to properly focus the sight when aiming and what.

  1. Not right, the shooter focuses on aiming goals.
  2. Not right, the shooter focuses on aiming the whole purpose.
  3. True, the shooter focuses on aiming. the sight.

There are many opinions and theories about how to focus properly when firing a pistol. Indeed, it is possible to aim correctly when the gaze is focused on the front sight of a pistol, while the rear sight is also clearly visible, and the target is blurry the farther, the more. Contrary to the disgruntled cries of theorists, in practice, this method allows you to conduct fast and very accurate shooting, at least – at a distance of 15 meters.

However, we advise you to read an article on vision under stress – there the information on aiming is more detailed and developed, and important warnings are given that could be ignored when shooting in a dash, but which are critical in the actual situation of a shootout.


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