Memo Scout: The Basic Principles of Disguise

Disguise – It is a fact that they are in reality. Main camouflage characteristics:

The form

There are no such forms in nature. We can recognize that person in those things that have similar forms. The shape of the head-shoulders is unmistakably recognized. Breaks, deforms of burlap, using a hood, camouflage and mosquito nets, use of local vegetation. It is not necessary to know how to use it. The shelter behind is a landscape.

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nty local camouflage. In this case, it is necessary to grow in the air. It is not necessary to turn it out.

Leaves on the underside are lighter than on the top. Leaves and branches in different areas of the world. Vegetation cut during the wet period (night, rain, dew) lives longer. Stronger and stronger leaves.

This may interfere with the weapon. It is preferable to cover it with paint or camouflage tape.


Glitter and glare may be enough to reveal the location.

It is a skinnister (even very dark). To distort your face, you can use camouflage make-up (creams, paints). Camouflage using a face make-up is useful even when using a mask on the whole face, since the closes of the area around the eyes. There is a lot of light that has been painted on the face. Make-up is easier to apply if you are loosing or repellent. Split-makeup – for coniferous, grassy and jungle. This is not the case when breaking the outlines.

On modern military equipment, matte buckles and buckles are mainly used. If you need some glitter, they need to hide paint or tape. Binoculars, binoculars and monoculars, sights, watches and their bracelets, compasses, plastic tablets, goggles, sheets, notebooks, mirrors, starched clothes, shiny visors of headdresses.

It’s a bit of a mess.

It can be neglected when it comes to the lenses. The sun filter is shining down. Cellular (perforated) nozzles are also suitable.

It is necessary to avoid the fires of the lantern. Shines or shines depends on it, but it also associates.

Red light filters on lanterns disguise, than blue or green. Optics partially concealment paper attachments of paper on the lenses. Lighting vehicles should not be kept off or slit nozzle.


Like the shape, the silhouette gives the outlines of equipment and shapes.

It will be important that you can help. It should be avoided, it should be avoided. Outlines of local objects. In open places you should move by crawling.

The body is legs together. Even squatting significantly changes the usual shape.


People are noisy – shoes are creaking, shops and tools are clanking in their pouches, a backpack is creaking, a weapon is clanking, a radio is playing. Cough and speech spread, after rain, into the fog. It is necessary to pack, fasten belts and other equipment masking bouncing around. Sounds need to suppress, to eliminate the very reasons for their appearance. It is better to replace the orders with the whisper.

It is clear that when you digged in


It is convenient to hide it. It is clear that there is no space for it. The shadow of the shadow cast by him.


It has been given that it has been in the field. It is difficult to get rid of some odors.

Toothpaste, shaving cream, deodorant – banned. It is a wicked and hot air blower. It is impossible to remove the kitchen waste. It is easy to draw.

Smokers are very noticeable. Sign up smoke like smoke. Spit chewing up tobacco marks and stopping points. Nonsmoking fighters smell better.


Although it doesn’t always help. A drawing that doesn’t coincide with the background, shouts of “Hey, look at me.” Green, picked up in disguise in the meadow, gives out a fighter when he goes into the forest. Natural camouflage needs to be changed in time.

It makes it difficult to detect. Skin color should not be masked by the “Blick” section.

In the winter, in the forest and in the rain forest There is a “snow” jacket and “autumn” trousers. In the open area, there is a full “snow” suit. It is not a noticeable sign.

Be sure to mask equipment, appliances, weapons, wrapping them with tape, using unstable paint and the like.


What is unnatural, “out of place”. For example, reed in the open field. It is necessary to make it possible for people to travel.

There is no uniform uniform in nature. The classic military distribution is a five-meter span The number of soldiers dispersed on the ground. The same applies to technology.

It’s a little bit more than that. depends on the area. In this way, gestures can be transmitted in both directions.


The most insidious traitor – movement. You can break one or two of the ban above and unnoticed. But the fighter is noticed. Taking a defensive position, you should observe immobility:

  • Mosquitoes and ants guzzle – calm;
  • I want to urinate – you have to shit in your pants;
  • Looking around, keeping your eyes in motion, keeping head movements to a minimum.

It is a question of what you want to move. It is advisable to move, staying in the shade. If you have to move on. It can be seen without any movement.

For example, the wind moves branches around. The movement of the vegetation of the attention of the enemy.

They can’t only be noticed by their fighters, but not by the enemy. Avoid any noticeable notice.

Night-vision devices

The vision of the weakest light, which enhances the brightness of the observed image. It is a contour of the image of the instrument.

Value for masking The background itself is not the same as the reflective properties of the uniform. The use of detergents for civilian clothes destroys camouflage of the fighter in the NVD. Withered vegetation protects against NVD worse than fresh.

Thermal imagers

Optical costumes masking (“Ghillie”, “Leshy”, “Kikimora”, “Shaman”), reduce your silhouette. You should use the “thermal shadow” of objects and structures, distorting the thermal shape.

Memo Scout: The Basic Principles of Disguise

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