Memo to the soldier: 37 rules for survival in urban combat

  1. Move from place to place under enemy fire But it’s not a problem.
  2. You should move along the walls or through buildings. If you are forced to move through the open area, use smoke. Keep as close to the walls as possible.
  3. Never do not cross open space straight. Always look for a way around, even if it is long. If you are forced to go through the open area – do it quickly. If you are a group of people, it’s moving! Run around the group. This technique reduces the risk to a minimum.
  4. When you are forced to cross alleys, spread out There is a distance between simultaneously and at the distance of the commander.
  5. When you took a position – be prepared cover with fire your friend.
  6. Basement windows are dangerous. If the first time can still run, the second – no longer. Jump over them.
  7. Do not use doorways. They are too dangerous. If you are a first select, choose the next position.
  8. Try hard do not leave no positions without covering comrades; rest assured.
  9. Look around the corner standing is dangerous. It is better to do lying down.
  10. Crawling through the wall, try to do it lying down. If you are not sure about it, throw a grenade.
  11. Be careful when pass under the windows first floor. Keep your head under the window sill.
  12. be ready shoot from any shoulder. Do not shoot over the top of your cover. Shoot from the side, otherwise you will be projected.
  13. When shoot from the corner, Your body will not be subject to enemy fire. Shoot from the knee well, but lying is better. Shoot from the corner as low as possible.
  14. When you come to the building, you can get there with the help of your comrades. Cleaning the building, before entering, throw a grenade. It is a good idea to get it back.
  15. Do not forget, by doing this, that a grenade can explode prematurely.
  16. you can use grenade launcher (eg, GP-25), it can send a grenade much more than you.
  17. After threw a grenade, You must quickly penetrate through a window or break in the wall.
  18. If your window is too high above your head, you can push it there. If possible, use RPG, The enemy behind the wall.
  19. Two problems exist when you are inside the building. You can subject to enemy fire both outside and inside. The windows are not covered. If these items are found, crawl under them.
  20. Corridors and corridors are dangerous. If you have to overcome them, hold on to the walls.
  21. Buildings with thin inner walls can be cleaned with fire. machine gun PKM, flashing through the walls.
  22. Roofs and upper walls are very thin, rather than lower. Here you need less explosives to explode.
  23. Be careful when entering the room. Watch out for traps.. Although it may have remained the building, it may remain. Never grab items left. Do not touch circuit breakers and door handles. Always look at your feet. Traps can be located on possible paths of passage. For example: on the stairs, under the corridors, under various objects. If possible, save your life. Do not try to demine the mines themselves. For example, a curl of red material.
  24. Building cleaning requires action on the division and coordinated action in the team. Grenades and explosive charges. remember, that shoot through thin walls can not only you, but also the enemy.
  25. Always allocate some maintain visual communication with divisions, following you.
  26. When the building is captured, all approaches to him must be taken under guard. Pay attention to roofs and underground utilities.
  27. When you have completed your sweater, you must:
    replenish myself ammunition;
    mark the building as “waste”;
    provide covering fire for forces clearing other buildings;
    evacuate the wounded;
    – if the building needs to be occupied, then organize defensive positions;
  28. A fighter is always looking for a position that meets the requirements: disguise and wide firing sector.
  29. Holes in the walls must also be reinforced with sandbags, like windows. It is necessary to make holes of irregular shape in order to provide better disguise.
  30. Remove all windows from windows., leave only the curtains, if any. When firing from the top floor, it is stacked on it.
  31. Paul also sandbag reinforced, like windows. For this one layer of bags is enough. Especially if you are on the second floor.
  32. You can build an individual roof using a table with bags stacked on it. Observe disguise. Install false shooting positions, to mislead the enemy.
  33. Positions on the roofs allow anti-tank weapons. hit tanks, using a wider sector. In addition, it can be difficult.
  34. ATGM – through the windows behind.
  35. The most common mistake is shooting from the window close to the windowsill. This is due to the desire to expand the sector of shooting. But you can not shoot at all at once. It is fraught. Stand in the back of the room. The distance should be 1-2 meters.
  36. The same rule is obvious when driving fire from holes in the walls. Shoot from the knee or lying down.
  37. Positions on the roof very helpful. Do not give up your bottom line. Shoot, being near the pipe.

(c) S.N. Tkachenko, 2014

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