Mental disorders were studied in soldiers

Hysteria? Neurosis? You are a coward, or a wimp, or even a simulator! In a real German (Russian, French, English) this can not be! So thought during the First World War. It was slowly.

Before science

Scottish physician William Cullen used the term “neurosis” in 1776, diseases. . This was the first approach to such a giant topic.

Do you want to see it in the 20th century? It is a good idea.

It was not enough to read the armies. But the emergence of the war and the Russo-Japanese war came along.

Are you an officer or a hysterical young lady?

“A small victorious war against a weak adversary.” “Macaques”, one Cossack will beat three Japanese!

The officers were rushing to distinguish themselves. But something went wrong. It has been shown that the incidence of the crime has been reduced.

Mental disorders were studied in soldiers

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