Mental problems in extreme situations

Table of contents:

  • Mental problems in extreme situations
  • Psychohygiene
  • Fear
  • Panic
  • Self-control training
  • Group insulation
  • Insomnia
  • Offense
  • Work monotony
  • Phobias
  • Drug use
  • Apathy
  • Disaster Behavior
  • Consequences of critical situations
  • Single isolation
  • Depression
  • Anger, indignation, hatred
  • Envy
  • Excitement
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Maintaining hope

Nothing is a misfortune.

Boethius Consolation of Philosophy (1.IV)

It is a question of caution. It is a fact that you can use it. These funds are:

  • It is possible to find a way out of any difficult situation;
  • But it didn’t make it possible.
  • Ability to volitional effort; finding pleasure in overcoming one’s laziness and cowardice;
  • Propensity to doubt, including in final “diagnoses”;
  • Dreams and plans (basic and spare);
  • Nice memories;
  • This is not a simple way to make it out.
  • Habit of laughing, including at oneself;
  • Mood to seek positive in suffering;
  • The ability to safely defuse their aggressiveness.


It is a significant part of the state of mind. Psychiatric disorders often have a cause of mental hygiene. The basic rules of mental health:

  • Avoid excessive experiences. The nature of the perception of conditions. You should think about it.
  • Take care of the balance of negative and positive emotions. The first must be balanced second. Those and others should not be too much.
  • Do not use psychotropic drugs that have a stronger effect than ordinary tea. They are not the same as the person. People tend to use psychotropic drugs in the following cases:
    1. To improve the tone (tea, coffee, tobacco, etc.);
    2. To reduce the tone (alcohol, sleeping pills, etc.);
    3. To achieve a state of satisfaction (drugs).
    4. Avoid chronic overwork. Regular dosed overvoltage, supports, moreover, is necessary physiologically. It is a good idea to try your health.
    5. Do not overload information. In addition to overworking, he wants to think of creative thinking.
    6. Avoid manipulative informational effects on the psyche. Less reading newspapers, watch TV, listen to the radio.

    The following is: radio gt; a television gt; newspapers. It is usually listened to the “edge of the ear.” In this case, it has been a lot of bets. It is much less selective and critical.


    In death, the desire to act. Youn’t get to save themselves. If you’re on your own, you’ll be able to make it through. You must be elated. Behave so you can not remember every moment.

    The situation prevails in the situation of self-organization and its outlook. Of survival and of effective activity. It’s not always a matter of course. As a rule, these are the personalities of a psychopathic warehouse. It’s a problem.


    The mobilizes the body of danger. He is moderately afraid. A person mobilizes his strength in a situation:

    • Their actions;
    • Voluntarily taking risks in order to achieve some important goals;
    • What is your opinion on them?

    For both people, it should be considered an abnormal. Fears of fear. It’s not a bad idea to make decisions. To overcome fear in the following ways:

    • You need to take;
    • Search funny in position;
    • Oust fear by hatred of enemies, rage;
    • Focus on making a good impression;
    • Get angry at yourself;
    • It is a fact that it is happening;
    • To recall people who have adequately manifested themselves in similar circumstances;
    • To think about the naturalness of death.

    To quietly stop trembling in the limbs

    It often leads to mental disorders: neurosis, depression, persecution, mania, etc. Shows carelessness or despair. For example, for example, many of them are dangerous areas.

    Disaster Behavior

    If you want to think so much, it interferes. It can be disturbed: time is stretched. It can be seen as a split personality. In the other half, a person usually recalls some episodes from his life. It has been passed. Split is distancing from it. In the critical situation, it requires quick work habits, overwhelming all skills and new knowledge.


    A stampede occurs when the path to salvation appears. If there is no way to salvation, then there is no panic. But the crush begins. It can cause damage to people. It’s not. Sometimes there is a threat to even the most active order of violators.

    Consequences of critical situations

    As a rule, people who survived show mental disorders: insomnia, apathy, fears, nightmares, loss of appetite, impotence. Often after a disaster, but after a few months. Post-catastrophic mental disorders are reversible. If you want to listen to a frank story.

    Self-control training

    They are confident in their composure, until they find themselves in a critical situation. Anxiety, excitement, excitement – They are easier to follow. If you want to experience this kind of repression, you should sometimes fall into this situation. It’s not a problem. Imagine a meeting with a restaurant, a fight in an airplane, etc. You can invent self-suggestion formulas and saturate them with associations. For example: “I’m not afraid of death. My death is nothing for the universe. You can’t wait for your trainings. You can get your survival system.

    Single isolation

    All death is praised by American philanthropists!

    M. Bakunin

    A person needs a lot of new impressions. Lack of information depresses the psyche. It is a person who develops laziness, drowsiness, and sleep. A single cell is the strongest punishment for a prisoner. But it is not a hope for an intellectual. Prolonged isolation is depression. Therefore, you will become more emotionally sensitive, therefore, more vulnerable to your moods.

    In order not to degrade, you need to find yourself useful lessons. For peace of mind, for the development of self-organization. Remember the books you read, the movies you saw. As far as possible. If there is enough food, engage in muscle building. Take care of some kind of plant. Get a pet like a spider. Watch him, set up experiments, try to train him. You will discover something not unhelpful. It is not a rule. There are many options: an optimist and a pessimist, a statesman and an anarchist, an ascetic and a sybarite, a hero and an egoist, etc. If it is boring to split apart, tilt it, quadruple. There is no pathological evidence.

    Consciously start thinking out loud. It is clear that this is a matter of course. Practice oratory, maintain skills in a foreign language. Try singing or even composing music. Creativity is a way to prevent mental disorders in isolation. Intellectual creativity is preferable while you are sane. It is a good idea to start a serious memory training. It’s not one complex theory. This is largely recoverable. Make plans for the future. There is hope, there will be strength to fight. If you can not hope for a miracle.

    Group insulation

    It becomes a bit different.

    (Thor Heyerdahl “Journey to Kon-Tiki”)

    Interpersonal conflicts – all long expeditions. It makes him a person who is irritable. It’s not a problem. Prevention of conflicts is a process of discrimination. It is necessary to take into account the following qualities in it:

    • Physical strength (the ability to defeat you in a fight);
    • Level and mindset (the ability to understand the root causes of conflict);
    • Behavior flexibility (adaptability), ability to change one’s opinion;
    • Moral qualities (willingness to compromise, etc.);
    • Compatibility of household habits;
    • Compatibility worldviews;
    • Mutual interest and respect.


    This is a real misfortune, and it’s a bad rumor. No notice at all.

    Erasmus of Rotterdam. “Praise of folly” (ch. XXXI)

    It is a life of the organism. cope with them), showing her strength. It is necessary to ensure that you can endure your troubles.

    Depression results. When it’s not everything, it’s not a success. In such a state, a suicidal mood, that is, an obsessive thought about suicide, can form. Not always agree on the situation, always, whenever possible, delay decision-making. The morning is wiser than the evening. Give you advice. Consider that you’ve only experienced the last few days. Then the person gets used. Gain strength for three days.

    If you don’t want to make it any longer.

    A. Schopenhauer (“Aphorisms …”, ch. 5)

    It is less than experienced. In the brain, you can’t exist in two ways. If you’re not interested, you’ll still be available to you. They can accumulate enough to justify your existence. If you can not get rid of it. Of course, this should be limited only to those pleasures that are harmless to your health. If you have some kind of desperate stupidity. But it’s hard to make it. This can be a significant difference in the right direction.

    A good cure for depression is work or some other distraction. This is a normal component of life. It leads to a lot of trouble. It makes it easier to take action in advance. When there is no trouble, we must calmly or even with some impatience expect them. There is no more uncertainty when they appear. It is a contour to the development of intelligence.

    Few of a lively life. It is not a problem to take their place. Sometimes it can be be useful (“A blessing in disguise”). It is appropriate to assume something more undesirable. It helps to keep a good (or not too bad) mood.


    Normal sleep for health and intellectual productivity. Sleep requires the following conditions:

    • The average degree of fatigue;
    • Comfortable posture;
    • Soft bed;
    • Thermal comfort;
    • The absence of distracting influences: sounds, touches, etc .;
    • Lack of sensations of hunger, thirst, pain, etc .;
    • Mental oversight, information overload;
    • The usual situation.

    It is not clear that there is a tendency to fall back. The most demanding of sleep conditions. It is in itself a painful, unfavorable for you. It is necessary to read anything more. It’s not a problem. As far as distracting sounds are concerned, they can be muffled by “white noise” from some device. Falling asleep usually goes through the following phases:

    • Arrangement (finding a comfortable posture, etc.);
    • Relaxation;
    • Violation of the harmony of thoughts;
    • Temporary lapses of consciousness;
    • Stable sleep.

    It is not a problem. It is not a problem. It is a fact that there is a lot of trouble.

    Anger, indignation, hatred

    You must be able to reach it.

    B. Gracian. “Pocket Oracle” (155)

    Anyone can choose who to love, who to hate, whom to ignore. It makes it easier for you to choose your choice. It’s not a lot. . It is not clear that this is the case. necessary number of friends and enemies. .

    It’s a way of making a difference. Clash of interests. They are either fighting or dying out. If you’re on your way, you’ll be taken over the neighbors. Of course, it’s not possible to say that it’s not. It is a normal part of life and even need. Someone has to fight more, someone less; someone withstands the struggle, someone does not.

    It is a rule that you can’t make it. Do not enter your conversation, but calmly prepare your response. If you can’t get away from it, you can’t get it. Revenge. But it can be experienced less painfully.

    You’ve been planning to make it. you will find another. There is a significant difference in how you work.


    Grievance brings great benefits when it is appropriate. It is a state of the art. It can also be used for any reason. Of course, it is possible to recognize the upcoming troubles. But you should not immediately respond to these little things – without understanding the circumstances. Absolutely delicacy can not be seen on your feet. The feeling of resentment doesn’t matter. Therefore, it is enough to transfer the offender to the enemy. For some people, the resentment turns out to be excessive and manifests itself perversely. And if the latter are not enough, they look for new ones.


    A gentle heart is a bone rot.

    Proverbs Solomon’s Book (14:30)

    If you want to make it up. It is a matter of fact. It is not a must. If you are looking for it. There are many ways in which people can deserve your envy even more.

    Work monotony

    Many intellectuals do not tolerate monotonous physical work. She has to struggle with despair. You need to think about the outsider. Take a look at the episodes, films, books. Analyze your life. This entertainment is enough for a long time. You can still dream – how well everything will ever be. Look for benefits in the current situation. It may consist of, for example, in the training of muscles, in the development of certain mental qualities. In any work some improvement is possible. For example, you can optimize the process.


    People tend to worry about risky action and during it. If you can be even less desirable. Therefore, it is better to deal with your feelings in advance. To reduce anxiety, the following is recommended:

    Before performing an action:

    • It doesn’t interfere, but doesn’t have to do it;
    • It can be useful;
    • Optimistically assess the risk of possible negative effects.

    In the process of performing the action:

    • To get out of touch or press excitement;
    • Look at your current situation;
    • Load the muscles;
    • Hurt yourself.


    Phobia (obsessive fear) Water, height, darkness, water, height, darkness, thunderstorms, old people, doctors, medicines, etc. It can be seen not only in the form of fear, but it can also be. Often, anxiety becomes obsessive. It leads to the development of neurasthenia. Can you be taken. It indicates the presence of a tendency to self-destruction. Phobias in relation to alcohol, drugs, sexual perversions. It can not be overcome to cope with it. is incomplete. It is not a serious problem.

    Alcohol consumption

    It is a clear cut effect on your body. If you want to stand out. It is not necessary to stand out too much. Among other things, a villain. It is consequently, to reduce the degree of intoxication. Absorbs alcohol and inhibits every absorption. There are also ways to stick your hands together. If vomiting doesn’t work out, try the toilet and try again.

    It is necessary to move more intensively. Alcohol can also be neutralized by taking a large dose (1 g) of ascorbic acid. It can be used to make fatal poisoning.

    Drug use

    Seek pleasure and avoid trouble. If for normal well being, he doesn’t have natural pleasures, he is resorts to artificial ones. Among the latter are music and movies. Reasons for people turning to drugs:

    • What is the conversely, their satiety;
    • Curiosity;
    • Anxious person;
    • The desire to keep up with friends.

    Do not try drugs under any pretext. It will not be a lot more easier. In general, the best way to protect yourself from dangerous temptations – don’t try. Personal experience is an insignificant achievement of decay and destruction of health. Of course, it’s not necessary to make a decision. In addition, the volitional qualities have been significantly reduced,

    Saving hope

    It helps. The Robinson is about to sail on the horizon. When hope ends, life ends. It is the life of the unpleasant situation. Find out how to get out. Have a dream. Do not place strong hopes. We must move in several directions at once. True, too much scattering should not be, otherwise you probably will not achieve anything. Hopes are realizable and unrealizable. Good ideas. Some hopes are pushing for activity, others justify inactivity. It can be quite useful, even if the hopes are not fulfilled.

    Of course, if it comes to thinking about your problem, it’s better to come by yourself, although it sometimes happens. Cinema and literature contribute to the acquisition and maintenance of hope. It is clear that there is a peace of mind. It turned out that it was his “true happiness” (“Aphorisms …”, ch. 4).

    Alexander Buryak, editors – LastDay.Club
    from the book “The Art of Survival”

    Social problems

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