Menu of the resident: Suluguni – salted cheese from the Caucasus

There are no ways to invent survival. Take, for example, highland terrain. It is inconvenient to live there. Meat, milk, rare cereals, which can still be collected in such places – that’s the whole diet. And it is still necessary to keep … Fortunately, the cunning Highlanders found a way out.

It is a result of some additional manipulation. But even this wonderful thing can not be stored for a long time, because it is so glad that it is so nutritious. So the mountaineers decided to soak such a cheese in a strong saline solution. The idea was justified suluguni.

What, in fact, the meaning. Thermally processed cheese and other microorganisms. If you are still a few minutes, In fact, lain in brine for six weeks suluguni It is considered “seasoned” and valued much higher than fresh.

Cooking process suluguni different from the classic cheese making methods. But first things first.

First we need raw materials. Any milk – cow, sheep, even buffalo milk will do. We heat this milk to 35 degrees, and then add lactic acid leaven there. Any – sour cream, airan, pure dairy culture. Wait half an hour. During this time, the milk will begin to turn its clot. Pour out thirds into the pieces and set aside until better times. The cheese itself is slightly pressed, soaked in whey and left to ripen, occasionally turning over.

It will take at least 5 hours. Readiness criterion – a small piece of the future suluguni, placed in hot (70 degrees), the water becomes viscous. If you’re not in hot water, you can’t get it out. . The strips will start to melt suluguni it will be necessary to knead it manually.

If you’re trying to get a little bit of it, you’ll get it. Immediately after that we put suluguni a couple of minutes in cold water, and then – in the form, sprinkled with salt. When it comes to mass defatted whey. Salt concentration is 15-20 percent.

In salt whey cheese is kept quietly at least several months. If necessary, the serum can be updated. Well, what’s next with suluguni to do … To be honest, salty, slightly friable cheese goes well with beer. But other applications are extensive. Long-term storage of the product is not any nonsense.

Menu rescue: Suluguni &# 8212; salted cheese from the Caucasus

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