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Coastal residents have always lived a little bit more comfortable. The source of food is the sea. However, it was quite sharply. Fortunately, there were ways to store food. And one of them is cooking. dried caviar.

Needless to say, the nutritional value of caviar is enormous. And the taste is very much nothing. However, caviar is a seasonal phenomenon. Available only when the fish spawns. But it wasn’t the maximum effect. Most often for blanks of caviar caught mullet or bluefin tuna. The fish were also allowed to work. Somehow it is not accepted then to scatter food.

It could only be stored for a very short period of time. But do not interfere with salting and subsequent drying. Actually, these two procedures were for preparing long term storage products around the globe. BUT dried caviar beginnings of the Egyptian pharaohs. And during this time the recipe has changed little.

Dried caviar – This is a fairly common dish. In Italy, it is called Bottarga (Bottarga), in Greece – Avgotaraho (??????????), in France – Putargu (Poutargue), in Japan – Karasumi (Karasumi). Even in Russia there are similar, however, from a completely different fish. For example, dried caviar The roach and the ram are called the galagan. In any case, the method of cooking is almost the same everywhere.

The main feature of this dish is caviar is drying one piece, that is, in its own shell (yastke). Therefore, it was first gently removed from the fish for a period of 2 weeks (or less, according to the location). And after the due time, they are removed and dried. In a well ventilated area. This is a recipe for some six months. dried caviar must ripen.

In addition, for more efficient storage, dried caviar cover with beeswax. It can protect you from being stored for a long time. This is done simply by the wax, is pulled out and quickly cooled. It turns out a relatively uniform wax shell.

So, we have a dish of nutritious, simple to prepare, quite tasty and able to be kept. The devil knows how much, Do I need to explain why?

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