Menu of the survivalist: Rakfisk – pickled red fish

It is a scavenger among anthropologists. Exactly! Not herbivores, since there were no enzymes, it was a long time to digest. Not a predator And the usual scavenger, eating what is bad. This is a process of living up to us.

So we already know about all kinds of “Copachelms”, “Kiwiacs”. It is a natural person. Therefore, we will not add such dishes to our menu. For nefig. But there are easier options that can be digested, but which is sometimes scary to approach. AND rafisk – one of these dishes.

In short, rafisk – long-seasoned red fish. That is, the most delicious trout is gutted, placed in layers of an airtight barrel, interspersed with a large amount of salt. And that’s all. Wait 2-3 months at an average temperature of 6 degrees Celsius. A product of long term storage, what is there?

It is a huge problem. And it doesn’t matter how it smells. Norwegians are generally resourceful in this respect.

Rotting into pickling. Microbes are not able to survive, therefore they die. And the fish is fermented on its own. It is important that you can’t get into the finished product.

Taste rafiska absolutely normal – fish is tender, spicy, pleasant consistency. However, the dish is actively edible. True, do not recommend immune systems. So, just in case. And tourists are always warned about this national product. But cases of poisoning rafiscom It was not fixed for a long time.

Specific recipe rafiska It sounds like this:

  • trout – an arbitrary amount of at least 750 grams each;
  • salt – 60 grams per kilogram of fish;
  • sugar – quite a bit, a tablespoon somewhere.

The fish is gutted, the head is (not always) and the gills are scraped off. The carcasses are salt water poured into the belly section. All this fits into the tank, peppered layers of salt. Over the workpiece for rafiska put the oppression Heavy. 10 kg at least. If it is a fish, it must be completely cleaned. If not, add 40 grams of salt per liter of water. Celsius. Maximum – 8 degrees, but not more. Everything. Wait 2-3 months. After filling, you can add more light.

If you want to keep your fish, you can remember the recipe rafiska. True, then it’s better to go down to the cellar.

Survival Menu: Rakfisk &# 8212; pickled red fish

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