Menu of the survivor: “Jerky” – dried meat

Meat is the best source of protein. There will be 10 times more crap. But it’s impossible to somehow be harvested. Drying is the easiest way. And recently came up with a special recipe dried meat, more and more longer.

it dried meat, or as it is called Jerky, can be cooked at home, and without equipment like a dehydrator dryer. It is not difficult to adapt a conventional oven, which actually has an even greater capacity than a specialized dryer. And it is done this way.

Choose meat

Any meat can be used for cooking. jerok, but it makes it worth it. Breast, for example, would be a good choice. But other parts are also suitable. It is not advisable to take pork, because it is too fat – better to take beef. However, you can use any meat – chicken, turkey, and even exotic varieties.

Cut the fat

It has been found that it has been found that it has been purchased in the store. If you’ren’t It can be used for something else, no less useful and interesting. By the way, in some cases, it is more than a minus, since it makes it possible to keep juiciness and softness. It is also recommended to remove all films. jerks will chew badly.

Lightly freeze meat (optional)

If you are not in a hurry, it will help you. It is a great deal of effort. It’s not a question of personal preferences.

Cut strips

Cut the meat across the fibers. If you’re cut along, then save the layers. It is a scaffolding dried meat get short, it will be easier to handle. Cut into strips with a thickness of 3-6 mm. The thinner, and the thicker – the more interesting jerks will chew.

Marinate the meat

It is easy to reveal the taste of meat. I recommend cooking for the first time. jerks with him, and then adjust the recipe to your liking. If you’re liking it before it’s hot, it’s not so hot! When the water evaporates, it will get to the meat. Leave for one hour, or for the whole night. The longer it will marinate – the richer and the sharper the taste will be dried meat.

Vystelete oven foil

It is not necessary to make it. If not, use foil.

Spread the strips

Pull it out on the oven and place it on. Since the marinade will be required to drip from the meat.

Turn on the oven and open the door slightly.

Set the temperature as low as possible. The ideal temperature is about 60 degrees Celsius, it will be dried, not roasted. Some ovens can not produce less than 77 degrees, but even this works fine. A wooden spoon (no plastic!) Support the oven door for ventilation. This will allow you to dry faster. If you’re still a fan of your oven, you can still manage it.

On cooking jerok It will be taken from the bottom of the oven. On average, bookmarks are usually ready in four hours.

Readiness check

After three hours check readiness dried meat. Take one strip and bend it. If it bends easily, or if it is not ready yet. If it begins to stretch jerks almost ready.

Do you want to use it again for a few minutes? It will be a little more than a picture of the meat. If you’re still not ready, you’re still not ready.

Pull out and let cool

Remove from oven and let cool in air. Do not pack immediately, let it dry at room temperature. But you can start eating right away.

As you can see, this recipe is primitive to impossibility. But nevertheless, it is quite effective. Moreover, you can choose the taste of meat. MUCH cheaper than purchased jerks, I generally keep quiet. So go ahead. And, yes, it’s not.

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