Menu rescue: Corned beef

One of the most important problems of survivors is that it has been obtained with such difficulty. And there are many ways to do this. We have already written about something, we are just about something else. But now we’ve talked about for centuries. And this method is cooking. corned beef.

It is not known exactly. It happened by chance. It is much more than a bit, even in spite of the storage conditions.

It wasn’t surprisingly that it was taken. What did sailors eat on ships? Corned beef. What was taken in polar expeditions? Corned beef. What was the share of soldier rations in the middle ages? Corned beef and salt lard. And it’s despite the fact that it’s preserving meat,

  • The deterioration of taste and nutritional qualities of meat. A long-term ambassador, unfortunately, kills many nutrients.
  • Limited shelf life. The corned beef can be stored for up to six months. With a minus – twice as long.
  • The need for further processing. To eat wildly salty meat is unreal. It must either be soaked or boiled.
  • Cooking duration. For the most popular methods of harvesting – from seven to twenty days.

But despite all these minuses, the corned beef still remains popular. Preserving products have not been completely supplanted by it, although they have significantly reduced their industrial intensity. Nevertheless, many of our fellow survivors appreciate corned beef as a strategic reserve in case of BP, in large part due to ease of preparation, reliability and efficiency.

There are 4 ways to make corned beef:


Meat is taken, usually beef, cut into portions (no more than 15 cm), dried and thoroughly rubbed with salt until it has been grated cease to crumble. It is additionally sprinkled with salt. Helping to preserve the color of the meat. Others advise adding sugar – it also contributes to conservation. A wooden plank is put together with a yoke. Once every 4 days, the meat must be shifted and turned. All salting lasts for 20 days. Brine. Hell of a lot of time.


For this method, you must first prepare. For 10 liters of water, 10 grams of salt, 100 grams of sugar, 30 grams of saltpeter. Ground black pepper, juniper berries, ground ginger. This is a case for women for 20 days. It is not stored for very long.


First, portions of meat are wiped with salt. If the pieces are large, cuts are made on them. Fat and bones desirable to remove. Proportions – 10 kg of meat 1 kg of salt. The layers are poured with additional portions of salt. Some advise adding juniper sprigs to bay leaves and other spices. The container is placed in the cold (3-5 degrees) and is kept for three days. Next, the tank is poured with cool brine (for 10 liters of water – 2 kg of salt), pressed down for three weeks. As a result, we get corned beef, which is not too salty, and is stored for quite some time.


The method is heated to 60 degrees is used. Due to the fact that it is reduced to three times, the meat is reduced to three times.

As you have noticed, cooking corned beef harvesting meat. So why do you need to remember about it? It is extremely simple. We need no special weather and temperature. You just pour the meat with salt Yes. then it needs to be soaked or boiled. Yes, it is not very tasty. But if there are no other options, then why not? Well, in peacetime, salty pork goes great with beer …

Menu rescue: Corned beef

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