Menu rescue: Crackers

Bread, as they say, around the head. But it just stains quickly. Therefore, it is the thrifty of the owners of the long-term storage – crackers.

Actually, it will also be useful. And what is to work with? It is completely differently stored. Wheat flour for example, it does not stand up for long storage. White bread spoils pretty quickly crackers. But rye flour – is another matter.

It is a mixture of flour and rye flour. This is what we have called “black.” And, funny, our Western colleagues know very little about him. “Diet food” or “eco-shops.” But this is what we should not worry about.

There is a huge amount of “black” bread. But for crackers It is a simple and easy way to store it. Rye bread and “Borodino”, for example, there is, of course, in the initial moisture content and nutrients. So consider this moment when cooking.

Bread, before making crackers, should wait 2-3 days. This is especially true for homemade bread. It is not so much food crushing. Next, cut it out either into cubes and a half centimeters, or into straws 5 x 1.5 x 1.5. This size was not chosen randomly. The fact is that smaller ones crackers crumble harder, and larger ones pre-soaked before use. Yes, and large crackers may also break during transportation.

Drying is in the oven. And in both cases, add oil is not necessary. If it is an oven scale, it is not necessary to prepare it. So, remember the following algorithm:

  • Preheat oven to 160 degrees.
  • It is not always rarely, but not too rarely.
  • Heated oven for half an hour. The door, in this case, it is better to leave ajar.
  • Shuffle and turn over future crackers, so that the drying process goes evenly. Reduce the temperature to 90 degrees.
  • Every 10 minutes we turn over and check readiness. The criteria are dryness, hardness, golden or deep brown color. All this can be determined by taste.

If it is supposed to be stored for as long as possible, then it is better not to add any additives, such as pepper, salt, garlic or anything else. Otherwise, why not?

Store such crackers best in cotton fabric bags. Thus, they are subject to free air circulation. It is better to use ordinary plastic bags. Or, better yet, vacuum packaging. In this form crackers will be able to stored much longer.

Menu rescue: Crackers

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