Menu rescue: Eremsek – a special Tatar cottage cheese

Classic dairy dishes, in principle, can not be stored for a long time. Because of the lactic acid bacteria. Here we are talking about days. Is there a way to get it? Fortunately there is. More than one. But now we’re turning on to the Tatars and Bashkirs.

A long-term storage dish that’s ermsek. In fact, it is not a special type of cottage cheese, It digests for a long time. To dry ermsek Sour cream or milk. In its natural form ermsek it is rarely used for the pies and dumplings.

We need a liter of milk, 300 ml. ferments (sour cream, airan, katyk – lactic acid bacteria), 50 mg of sugar (or honey) and, in fact, everything.

Ferment is poured into milk, and then begin to digest. It would be a long time for you to take it. During the process, the milk will gradually boil, darken and thicken. When the “lumps” stage begins, you can add sugar syrup or honey. Another little wiggle and, in fact, everything.

It turned out dry cottage cheese – ermsek. Slightly reddish, smelling of caramel, sweet and able to be kept for several weeks. There are several recipes for this recipe. eremseku add different berries – strawberries, currants, bird cherries, cherries. It significantly improves the life of the product.

The resulting product is also called “Kyzyl Eremsek“Because it can be brighter or much lighter), and even get it industrially. taste can be adjusted within wide limits.

There is also a simpler version, which is not suitable for long-term storage. To do this from the original recipe erremsek throw out the item “long digestion.” It is thrown back to the ground for a few hours. Remove the remaining liquid. In short, it turns out almost ordinary cottage cheese, only slightly dehydrated.

Survival Menu: Eremsek &# 8212; special &# 171; red&# 187; Tatar cottage cheese

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