Menu rescue: homemade suhpay

How about making your own dry ration? Homemade suhpay – cheaper and tastier than the standard. Not only for an alarming backpack. We use it for snack, IRP (individual diet) which was accidentally forgotten.

Make it up menu.

Homemade suhpay

By preparing menu It is not necessary to collect the products. There is another way – vacuum insulation. Using it, make sure you don’t have a bubble with air there.

If you add to I sleep emergency drinking water, wind it up with tape. You can also fold it with a vacuum-packed food in package for freezing. Having been in the case of storage and storage.

Breakfast number 1

Breakfast – my favorite eating. Oatmeal is popular in our family. We take 1-2 packets of oatmeal fast food, one bag of sugar, powdered butter and powdered milk. It depends on the size of the milk.

Then add a dry bag. water. Joke, you are filmed by a hidden camera! Add one emergency pack drinking water, to dilute milk and butter. To taste, you can add dried fruits to oatmeal. If the weather is cool.

Breakfast number 2

This option is easier. Sublimated sausage and dry eggs. 1-2 bags of salt / pepper. You can add dry or sublimated cheese. For cooking, dissolve the cheese, sausage and eggs in water. Add a sachet of soft drink to breakfast. In addition to the eggs, to taste.

The main point should be clear. Now make a list of products for your own menu and go shopping. We try to stick simple dishes, not requiring much effort or time on cooking. Cooking from homemade suhpaya mentioned above breakfast will be ready for eat IRP.

Below suhpay (MRE). If you are not in use

  • Packaged ready to eat meat.
    Suitable tuna bag, pork, chicken. Pay attention to the dates, they will not live 20 years.
  • Dry already cooked food, water booster water
  • Crackers in packs. Can be ordered in bulk in large networks.
  • Sachets with soluble drinks. Add tea bags to tea and coffee.
  • Sachets with instant oatmeal.
  • Sachets of salt, pepper, and sugar – from networks of quick power supply. There you can get hold of both suhpaya.
  • Bouillon cubes or homemade spice mixes.
  • Muesli, nuts, raisins.
  • Energy bars.
  • Dried fruits (bananas and apple slices). We like dried pomegranate.
  • Canned food – tuna, chickens, sardines, etc. Although it is clearly heavier than packaged meat.
  • Sublimated meat. Cooking eggs for noodles water.
  • Lollipops, preferably not melting.
  • Rice side dishes, instant rice with bouillon cube or sugar / butter – delicious.
  • Plastic cutlery and napkins. But if your food – it’s fast snack, then they will come in handy.
  • Wipes wraped individually Especially useful if you have small children.
  • You can add a thick foil – for it oatmeal and other hot dishes.
  • A box of matches (and some torch in the backpack). If you need to warm up the food.
  • Chewing gum – get rid of leftover food freshen breath. Portion of vitamins in a piece of foil and dental floss.

This is just a list. products you can use to make yourself suhpaya. Use your imagination and create your delicious menu.

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