Menu survivalist: Basturma – beef jerky

Many people believe that it was a diet to be omnivorous. From the moment you’ve been searching for food But the meat had two serious drawbacks – this is the time. And two – it was necessary to save it somehow.

The simplest storage method is drying. Chunks of meat were just hungry in the open and dried. The effectiveness of this, you know, was not too high. So the process had to be improved. It is an interesting way to come from the territory, which is now inhabited by the peoples of the Caucasus and Central Asia. It turned out that it’s been a long time that it’s been stored for a long time. 2) It’s really tasty. Such meat is called – basturma.

Actually basturma not far from the dried meat. It’s all about the details. So.

As the source material is best suited for cutting. It should be noted that it should not be fat. A solid piece of juicy muscles (kilogram 2). It would be a great time for you to be preserved. So you can take this luxurious piece, cut into portions (300-400 grams) for 5 days. In the process, do not forget to periodically turn it over. Why is this necessary? It’s a lot of water.

As for meat for basturms, it is best to take exactly beef. Horse it is not fat, horse meat is too sinewy. Chicken is still amiss, but it will turn out too dry. So beef tenderloin is ideal.

Clean water, regularly changing the water. I suppose you ask – why was it salted, if it was the same salt? It’s simple – the osmotic destruction of muscle fibers. In simple terms, it can damage the body, it will damage the body, it will damage it. That is, the meat is already “processed” in order to more efficient digestion. We will coat it.

4 days in a cool place. You can’t be basturma the remaining water. Well, give it a more compact form. After that, we’re taking out the meat and the dry and well-ventilated room.

And then the most important stage of the cooking process basturma – cooking spicy mixture. We will need the following components: chaman (fenugreek blue), paprika, chili pepper, ground garlic, cumin, coriander, and further on if desired. There is a need for it. We will need it somewhere half a glass (grams 50). We dilute it (gram 150). It turns out that it is a cold pasty mixture.

Evenly coat the coat (2–3 millimeters) and keep it dry. We will get you Basturma may be stored for several months even at above zero temperatures. The capsule is in the form of a capsule. In addition, it was perfect to sprinkle meat, it was healthy.

Survival Menu: Basturma &# 8212; beef jerky

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