Menu survivalist: Borts – dried meat in Mongolian

Before nomadic peoples, it’s possible to even sharper than before sedentary ones. Even those who are actively engaged in livestock, regularly faced with this problem. Seriously, if you couldn’t have been able to go for a few weeks, then you’re not able to get it. There were new difficulties. However, the Mongols found a very good solution to this problem.

Mongolian dwelling – yurts. He couldn’t bother you to do it. In the upper part of the air, there is So, someone thought of hanging meat to dry. I love you and I love you and I interesting) shaped shaped gave gave gave gave gave gave gave gave gave gave gave gave gave gave In fact, it is low temperature drying. And widely used in industry. And the semi-wild Mongols – wrestler.

Preparing this dish is quite simple. The meat of an arbitrary animal (horsemeat, lamb, game) is taken, cut into long and thin strips (30 cm or more, 4-5 mm thick). Fat and tendons should not be cut, because they spoil the taste and spoil themselves. Under the roof. No salt, no spice. Nothing at all. Stupidly whole meat And in just a couple of weeks. But the Mongols didn’t have it. 4 times – about 200 kilogram of meat wrestler.

And then dried tapes wrestler In small bags, it is protected from the air, so it is not so much that much. The bottom of the hour And then – cook or fry. It is possible to crush steadfast wrestler.

But why this recipe to know us? This will be a high chance that it will turn into something like the Mongolian steppes. To grow something. And to do wrestler – is quite real. If you’re not in a tent, you’re not a tent, ceiling again. Seriously, handy stuff.

Survival Menu: Borts &# 8212; Mongolian dried meat.

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