Menu survivalist: Canned peas with pork

Somehow a wonderful man and a royal dish – “Peas with pork“If you’re looking for food, you can’t eat it.” And occasionally remembered. And finally, the hands (or a spoon?) Reached this bank, promised the same …

So what we see on the label. The first is actually the name “Pea with pork. The second is GOST 8687-65 (if you’re interested, you can’t find out), and that says a lot.

Manufacturer – Agrocomplex (Krasnodar Territory). Shelf life – 2 years from date printed on the lid. We look there, we see the numbers 10/20/15. This was not the case for threaded health.

Ingredients – pork, broth, peas, onion, salt, pepper. That is – without preservatives, solid natural products. Caloric content of 1 portion – 106 kcal. Not enough at first glance. But this is only the first =)

Open up. It seems that it seems like it’s soothing. In appearance – quite pleasant consistency. Like a thin layer of fat on top. Very thin. What too happy.

The contents of the jar are poured into the bowl. I love you to find out what you want to do. The red peas, which are kept in porridge

It appeared that it didn’t have to appear at the bottom. What says again?

And now – took a fork and try. Tasty, very straight. Peas with meat, the most practical. The meat is pouched and it is sufficiently dense, tasty and easy to chew. In short, yes, I like it!

At first glance – dry. But I didn’t take it and the sweetie melted cheese – and even forgot about the tea …

It pulled yourself up. I looked around, biting down the biscuits. Then, looking around, she left her resume “Delicious! And then there is? “But, unfortunately, there was no more.

It is a very safe and healthy food.

What else should I say? With that growth in me of 190cm and weight 106kg. I wouldn’t have been a bucket of this wonderful brew, but – and so very well.
Therefore – I definitely recommend!

P.S. Yura, thanks for the treat!

P.P.S After 2 hours after the “test” – no heartburn, no belching, no … In short, everything is fine, the peas went well =)

Menu survivalist: Canned peas with pork

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