Menu survivalist: Chalonne – Hungarian recipe for fat

The Hungarian recipe for fat “Chalonne” was not original. In the photo above: students eat smoked bacon. Hungary, 1958

Humanity has long been very fond of animal fat. This is the tenth thing. Long-term storage storage became urgent. In Europe, it was decided rather quickly, and in many ways. Spoon, lard, lard, and even a bunch of options.

It was not just a stitch of fat, but it was also not used. The dish is called Chalonne (Szalonna).

Hungarian recipe for fat “Chalonne”

In fact – smoked bacon, just nothing at all. No paprika and spices, no extra items. The bacon recipe for bacon is a piece of pork fat, smokehouse and oak firewood. Smoking, by the way, is cold.

The important point is that there should be no meat veins in Hungarian fat. Pure smoked fat. The taste is that it is still disgusting, especially if you eat it. So I had to improvise.

Hungarians began to do the following. A piece of “chalonne” was strung on a stick and roasted on a stick. For the most ordinary bread dough. This is a piece of bread that has been completely melted fat.

You can not be afraid of parasites – in such conditions they die. Hungarian fat. But it was already possible.

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