Menu survivalist: jerky. Cooking options and recipe

Meat is a vital component of any normal diet. All these newfangled diets are in the skull. If you don’t eat meat, you won’t last long, especially with significant physical and emotional stress. Namely, this is what awaits us during the BP.

But then another question arises – how to preserve fresh meat as long as possible? There are many ways, we have already written in detail. But today we’ll have been practicing for more than a hundred years. It’s about cooking jerky.

It should be noted that it is not necessary to carefully preserve it. Therefore, it is an extremely important detail. And it depends on how you get fucking delicious. jerky or just ruin a good product. So.

The recipe of dried meat

There are two different ways of salting meat – dry and wet. Detailed step by step recipe. But more on that later. It is not the brilliant. It is important to think that it’s easier to flow through the thickness of the piece. Taste in taste jerky Both types of processing are not noticed.

Let’s start with the dry method. First of all, choose meat. It is necessary to witness at different times. For example, it can be salted much longer than other species. It happens that they do not become too rigid, which happens with the chicken breasts.

So, they took the meat. It is cleaned, then it should be cleaned. It is not necessary to make it more efficiently and faster than 5 cm. If it is thicker, then jerky may not be at risk.

Now salt. In a separate container of salt and black pepper. How many peppers? If you want to sharper, then put more (10 grams – a standard bag is quite enough). How much salt? On average – 200 gram. It should even be a centimeter thick. It is always a matter of course.

It is also necessary to completely cover. Cover any dishes with cool and cool place. We wait. If beef or chicken – one day is enough. If you want to wait three days. If it is not so much liquid, it is released. If you are afraid that jerky It will turn out that it will be a bit more salty. Actually, we take out portions of the napkins.

Meat salted, now it is time for seasoning. What to take? And what you like best. Personally, we recommend you not to spice up. Proportions – 2 teaspoons per 1 kg. You also need to add garlic (for the same purposes), Provencal herbs, paprika and basil (this is for taste). But you can experiment with the latter. Generously rub the meat from all sides with a mixture of spices.

We wrap the jerky cloth with a jerky bandage or even a “breathing” cloth. This is a package. This is a very difficult moment. It is a fundamental difference between dried meat and fresh air. jerky. In the second case, it turns out a bit richer and richer in terms of taste. If the temperature is not too high, then hang on the balcony. If not, just a fridge. It is not so bad.

Also an important point – if jerky it is not hanging, but it is not over, it is turned over periodically (several times a day). It remains only to wait. If we are talking about beef or chicken – 2 weeks. Longer than hang for less than three weeks. Actually, everything – jerky is ready. In cool conditions, calmly hold out for several months. In arbitrary – up to a month.

As for the wet stage You need to cook pickle. Proportions – 200 grams of salt to 2 liters of water. Bring the water in a spoon. Stir, wait until dissolved. The criterion of brine – raw egg floats in it. Pick up your meat for a day. Next, take out the water for two hours. This is a simple operation. After that, everything goes like a dry method.

As you can see, the cooking process is quite simple. But after waiting for the meat, it is quite difficult (after all, three weeks is three weeks). But you get an extremely tasty long-term storage product. However, there is one significant disadvantage – jerky can be quite salty and cause thirst for it. Refrain from drinking this water from this method of storing meat. With even if you want to get it jerky – a great solution.

Food extraction

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