Menu survivalist: Kaurma – meat, canned with vegetables

Man has always eaten meat. Unless, of course, could get it. There is no need for any additional time and money. And we can understand that much more than a kilogram of salad, which you still cannot eat. It’s not the same carrot.

Here you can turn to the experience of supermarkets. You need to eat it. If there is a lot of it. And we will talk about one of these cooking methods today. Kaurma – that’s the name of this dish.

Actually kaurma (or kourma, or kavurma – pronunciation features) – any hotpot. It is a long-term storage. Therefore, there are dozens of recipes on the net. kaurma, as the national dish in the Caucasus. This is a recipe. kaurma. Armenia, Uzbekistan, Georgia and a number of countries are arguing for the championship. But this is not particularly important. It is important to be really effective. Lolly seal

It was comprehended, of course, empirically. Someone thought it was the tail of the highest quality. Someone realized that it shouldn’t be as little as possible. Someone realized that covers covered with clay or wax kaurma. It has been developed. In the sealed form, it will quietly hold out for several months even in the hottest season.

We will need lamb. Yes classic kaurma It is made from mutton, because this meat is quite fatty in and of itself. In addition, it is a fat tail that plays in the final stage of preparation.

So, we take lamb, remove the film, remove the film, fat and sinew. Fat is not thrown away, but at the final stage. We add a little fat. At this stage, it is necessary to ensure high-quality frying. You need to fry until the formation of a crust, so that it is evenly roasted on the cut. Fattered pieces are removed and they are used to prepare the next batch. You must stick to the bottom and walls. If this is what happens, it’s lamb is plenty. In principle, this is already enough for meat. For example, pilaf or something else. It was specially roasted without any special creativity.

But we need not this. We need such meat to be stored as long as possible. Jars or ceramic pots, and try to lay it out as tightly as possible. It is necessary to clarify kaurma it is no longer regular After that, take it out, mutton rump slowly and slowly. It should make it clear pure fat with slightly golden brews. As soon as white smoke appears, you can proceed to the final stage of preparation.

Melted fat gently poured into the jars, trying to keep it on the wall. This is the only way to prevent kaurma. The caps are tightly. Actually, everything. As you see kaurma it will be more textured and tasty.

Kaurma calmly can be stored in a fully sealed form for several months. But there is one “but.” If you open a can – it is advisable to eat its contents quickly. Fortunately, it is a very tasty dish, especially before using it.

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