Menu survivalist: Kazy card – a special sausage made of horse meat

It is no secret that a more settled life is more than a nomadic one. It is a fact that it can be used to make it. And with the nomads with reserves, everything was much worse. Something useful can be learned.

What is the main resource of a nomad? Horse And not only for riding. Therefore, it is often raised exclusively for food. And then the horse is meat, it is a long-term storage product called kazy.

Actually, it is important for each horse to be sausage. Bashkirs and Kazakhs, for example, horsemeat is boiled before harvesting kazy or kazylyk (dried version). Tatars also horseman vyalyat, and the resulting sausage is called mahan. It can be dried in addition or add it when cooking. But these are all national features. So, how to cook kazy.

We need horse meat. For classic kazy nomads had some kind of tension. It was a pathway that wasn’t been healthy, but it wasn’t even the case. It is the combination of horse meat and horse fat that makes kazy so tasty and well stored. If you can try some other meat.

What part of the carcass to take? Classic recipe kazy involves the use of ribs. You can take it a little more than that. 24 hours. pickling The combination of spices can be very different. It would be a good preservative, as well as garlic. It sounds like a classic recipe. In practice, it can be bonded and trimmed, with the addition of horse fat. Recommended proportions – 70 to 30. The main difference kazy recipe for whole pieces of meat.

As a shell for kazy, which is its sausage, use, of course, horse guts. I’m not stopping again. Well, there are no fundamentally differences between horse and other guts. The finished sausage should be about 30 cm long.

Next, start the shell of meat and fat. This is a bit different to me. On the other hand, after a long marinating, it becomes much easier to separate from the bones. But these are details. Tie one side of the intestine Damage to the shell. The sausage will be deformed. From one gut, as a rule, three portions are obtained. Up to this stage cooking Kazi and Mahana no different. But further kazy boiled water in water; mahan immediately hung out to dry. It didn’t take care of it.

In the process of cooking kazy they are pierced in places where they are visible; In principle, this is a finished product. If you want to achieve long-term storage, then for sausage and for the wind. It is removed. How to achieve this effect in nomadic conditions – without a clue. It is stupidly dried. Shelf life – 2-3 months.

It is a complete texture. Now what kazy, what mahan, are a delicacy and are served on holidays. What is interesting to us? It is simply that it has been cooked for a long time.

Menu survivalist: Kazy card &# 8212; special horse meat sausage

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