Menu survivalist: Kulen – Croatian dried-smoked sausage

Create large reserves, this can be at least a year. But what if it’s not? It can be saved even longer, but with this, humanity has had problems.

Potatoes in the spring. With other vegetables similarly. If you are not in cold water, you can’t keep it out for several months. However, it was possible to keep out of the past few years without any problems. And today we will talk about the Croatian dish called “Kulen”.

In fact, it is a smoked-dried-fermented sausage with a huge amount of spices. For several months. In short, it is possible to preserve at all costs and conditions as much as possible. It also doesn’t require any special conditions. Well, except for spices, firewoods and places for drying, but something like that.

Recipe of Croatian dried-smoked sausage “Kulen”

If you’re not so good, you can’t eat it. should not be meat of young zucchini or fillet carrots. So, we take a piggyback, slaughter it and turn it into a set of all kinds of liver, meat and guts. Liver is preparing right on the spot, but we still need everything else.

We need it. Only whole meat. A meat grinder is not necessary. Mix the meat with a paprika and garlic. You can still add black pepper,

Packaged in prepared and processed pork guts. You need to get a diameter of about 10 centimeters and a length of 40 centimeters. A weight – about a kilogram. There are various types of wood. It is a silent recipe for wood. The Croats have ensured that it is protected by the special rules on “endemic food.” So you can’t be offended.

Then we smoke Kulen-who-non-Kulen about two months. In Croatia, it’s not a problem. This is why it’s a strange thing to get it. Storage room with normal ventilation. If you want to make it, then you’re not so bad. And now Kulen can be stored in limbo for up to three years. Oh, two – so sure. It can not be damaged in any way.

So. It can be stored for almost three years. It seems to me that very. By the way, the festivals are held, where their masters demonstrate their creations. It is not so much that it can be a bit smoother ham. So if the opportunity arises – be sure to try. And there, you can see something similar. So far purely for the sake of taste, and then for autonomous survival. You can never know … Kulen – in any case, delicious (for an amateur) and useful.

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