Menu survivalist – pasta Amosov

One of the most important aspects of the vitamin can be stored for a very short time. This means that pushing them into the caches, even if extremely reliable, is useless. The most common nutrients are still lost.

So is there a way to fix the situation? As it turned out – there is. And he was invented by cardiologist Nikolai Amosov. Originally pasta amosov It was used as a vitamin supplement for cardioreanimation patients. This is a case of survivalists noted. And after all, the shelf life survivor menu.

Pasta amosova – There are several types of dried fruit, nuts and honey. It is less than a natural variant of the substance. If you’re trying to make it out of the box, you’re going to be And then you can take pills, of course. live but we digress.

Part pasta amosov includes walnuts, honey, figs, dried apricots, raisins and prunes. It is not an option, since it has been taken for a long time. The proportions are about 500 grams. It is recommended to use it during the day. Further, all this is scrolled through a meat grinder and evenly mixed. In finished form pasta amosov may be stored for several months provided relatively low. Glass jars – even longer.

According to the initial recommendations pasta amosov consumed one teaspoon 30 minutes before meals. And yes, it is important to get a good deal of vitamins and vitamins. Moreover, it significantly improves the cardiac trophism, normalizes metabolism. It is also stupidly tasty.

Now for the cons. If you are allergic to bee products, then pasta amosov you are contraindicated. This also applies to mixtures. It is not recommended that you exceed your body’s hypervitaminosis. Well, it is considered an ideal means for survival.

But apart from the minuses, pasta amosov – it will help you. And he is usually the most difficult and exhausting.

Menu survivalist: pasta Amosov

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