Menu survivalist: Psindamokan – fried flour with syrup

It is a fact that it is a very quick and relatively quiet time. Too many calories that have nowhere to spend. And our ancestors had no such problem. In the contrary, they tried to compensate for their significant energy costs. American continent came with a pretty good recipe with an unpredictable name “pindamoak“.

In short, it is cornmeal mixed with maple syrup. It is a simple way to get it (it’s if you’re getting used to it, of course). Of the invention of the Lenape tribe pindamoacan, often transitions or on the hunt. Hungry? Mixed, ate, went further.

Initially, corn kernels were flour. Dilated leather bag, and then diluted with maple syrup as needed. therefore pindamoak It was distributed mainly in the northwestern states of the United States of America.

As for the modern adaptation of the classic recipe pindamoacan, it looks like this:

  • 1 cup cornmeal or whole grains
  • quarter cup maple syrup
  • a little salt

Actually, it is a salt that has been very rare. it really tastier. So. Fry the corn kernels on low heat in a large, but shallow, frying pan, stirring often. The criterion of aroma and browning. Then add the syrup and salt, continue to fry until pindamoak finally not dry. Something like extremely dry sweet corn kernels will turn out. The consistency and method of application of breakfast cereals. They must be eliminated with a large amount of liquid.

Actually, the recipe was reworked for stationary use. If you like the “version of the hunters”, then simply add the sugar syrup. Stuck less dry, stored much longer, but you need to get used to the taste.

How can this recipe come in handy? Long-term survival involves the organization of agriculture, and corn fits well for this. It can be replaced by comparison. Yes, the taste will be worse. But no, pindamoak not much lose in nutritional value. So here’s another recipe for you. And yes, it’s a digestible carbohydrates.

Menu rescue: Psindamokan &# 8212; fried cornmeal with maple syrup

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