Menu survivalist: Stew. History and recipe

Ask any passerby – what will people eat in the conditions of BP? I guarantee that stew and various canned foods will be among the first on this list. And it is understandable. One minus – the price of corporate stew can make almost anyone cry. Fortunately, it can be fully prepared at home. But more on that later.

Stew – any meat cooked by stewing. Yes, according to the literary definition, everything is exactly that. Another thing is the stereotype that stew – Canned meat, which is not true from a formal point of view. We will not use the generally accepted definition.

In the case of the Emperor Napoleon. However, it didn’t help to capture Russia. But our people could join this remarkable trophies left by the retreating French. But the taste of that stew she didn’t get wide popularity. But the ability of competent people appreciated. He was the first cannery, he became the main consumer of his products. In free sale stew It was also, but still not widely used.

Real flowering stew survived during the First World War. It is not necessary, Something has to be used for the civilian population. All subsequent wars only reinforced this trend. Thus, canned meat became the basis of the Russian soldier’s food. It’s just that they’re not so good. Get a can of this stew it is a holiday, especially in conditions of total deficit. It means that you can find soybeans, thickeners, preservatives, flavors, etc. Fortunately on homemade stew it does not apply. Unless, of course, know how to cook it properly. And this is done like this:

  • Take a pound of pork. We cut into small pieces, cut out with fat, films and veins.
  • Sprinkle meat with salt and pepper, mix thoroughly.
  • We take glass jars, sterilize them under the steam. Put a bay leaf on the bottom.
  • It is tight. Cover with a lid, but do not twist.
  • Warm it up to 250 degrees. After some time, the meat will begin to boil. For 3 hours.
  • We take 300 grams of bacon, chop into small pieces.
  • The heat is reduced to a clean container.
  • It was a time when the allotted time was up.

This is the easiest and most affordable homemade cooking method. stew. The most important points are the sterilization of the cans. This is the case in which the order is taken. It is clear that it is freezing fat. Therefore, even in open form such stew it may not spoil for some time even at temperatures above zero.

As we said stew – any meat cooked by the method of quenching. Therefore, duck, chicken, turkey, beef. Even though it is fatty in itself. As for spices, here again, the widest scope for creativity. You can not add anything, but at the cooking stage, when stew added to the main dish and warmed up, start experimenting.

Menu survivalist: Stew. History and recipe

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