Menu survivalist: Sujuk – dried spicy sausage

Mankind has always been looking for a long-term storage of meat. But if it’s settled by farmers, it’s been a lot of worse. But there were craftsmen who had been harvesting meat, even in such extreme conditions.

The result was sujuk – dried, spicy, tough and extremely tasty natural sausage. We are interested in the storage of water for a period of six months at room temperature. And in the fridge – and even longer. And if you consider that now classic sujuk It is now considered almost a delicacy, then it only increases.

So. For sujuk we will need meat. Beef, lamb, maybe even horse meat. And it is not particularly important what specific parts. Actually, we take meat, and we leave fat. Scroll through the meat grinder, you can even twice to become completely homogeneous, with a small patch of fat. In principle, you can take it immediately. There is no doubt.

Now the spices. It doesn’t have to be an excellent natural preservative. Take a half tablespoons of salt, black pepper, sugar and paprika as you can eat. Such amount of spices is calculated for 1 kilogram of meat. Adding 150 ml of brandy or red wine … it is unlikely that nomadic Mongols, who sujuk It’s a good idea to get rid of microorganisms.

In addition, you need to add salt to the salt. This is necessary in order to eliminate the risk of development in sujuki extremely dangerous anaerobic bacteria that cause a very serious disease – botulism. In our case it is especially important, since it’s not under sausage itself, under heat treatment.

Mix the minced meat and spices until smooth. And here is the first trick. To take this, we take a little stuffing from it (frying pan). It is necessary to add spices or not. As the traditional way sujuk, it is a sausage.

The most difficult part is guts. The best “packaging material” for any homemade sausage and sujuk including. There are two options – either guts are bought, or you can torment yourself. We are interested in horseradish, where you can’t buy it.

There are three layers – the inner mucous, the middle of the muscular. We are only interested in the processing process. It is clear that there is no need for any further information. It is a form of water that has been formed, and it is not necessary. The weight of water.

After that, you gently scrape the mucous layer. At the same time, the muscle layer is automatically separated. The process is quite long, although it is simple. The main thing is to not overdo it. Over time, you will learn this. The cleaned intestine is additionally treated with a solution of vinegar. Actually, everything.

The accumulated air. At a distance – we get a complete preparation for the future. sujuk. It is a good place for you to go. Leave it in. After that, flat sausages are hungry in a dry and well-ventilated area. They dry for quite a long time – almost a month, and sometimes 40 days.

Actually, everything. Sujuk is ready. Stiff, spicy, dry and very tasty sausage, which is the most complex of nomadic life. Peaceful environment sujuk It will be an excellent snack, which is also undemanding to the storage mode. The main thing is that you are not ready to go.

Survival Menu: Sujuk &# 8212; dried spicy sausage

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