Menu survivalist: Umbalacada – dried mackerel in Maldivian

It has been a long time that you know how to preserve your food. And then fish and meat spoiled extremely quickly. It was not enough. Fortunately, in some regions have And we will talk about one such recipe today.

So. Maldives. A small chain of islands near india. With agriculture, of course, you don’t have to clear up the hunt for the same reason. It remains fishing. But the fish, especially the big heat, where it’s spilled away. And suddenly it turned out that parasites can also live in marine fish. Not everyone, of course, but they can. Hence, it is a culinary processing and long-term storage. And they became a recipe called umbalacada.

The fish of the mackerel family is decapitated, the fish has been picked up carefully, the fish plate. That is, it’s really long, that it’s possible to get it out of the way. umbalacada, any conditions.

But we still dwell. For a start, why mackerel? And because their meat is fatter and more nutritious than many other species. Yes, it’s a mess. I regret it tuna, I keep it quiet, I like it. So, the carcass of the fish is degraded, the gills and the entrails are removed. If we are talking about tuna, then it is pre-cut into 4 parts, cutting and removing the spine. After that, the fish begin to cook. But not simply, but using a large number of traditional seasonings and salt. This is another blow to the potential parasites that still remain.

It is necessary to boil until it becomes meat easily. As a rule, several hours. And it’s not scary if you’re digest. In traditional cuisine, blanks for umbalacades offal – the very heads and entrails. Do not disappear in the end. In the end, it’s possible to remove it. rihaakuru. It is not interesting for us.

The fish is cut in half, it is removed and divided into 2 long pieces. With tuna this procedure is done in advance. After that, leave it in the sun. 5 days minimum. Of course, providing protection from insects and animals to enjoy umbalacade. It has been shown that it has been the sun.

There is no room for storage. But this was not enough. remove the remaining water. Dried pieces were put on a metal plate. Well, so roasted for several hours. The result is finished ukbalacada – fish, dried to the state of the tree. It can be seen if it is interesting, if it can be seen, it can be seen. It is also dry.

There is another option for cooking. After digestion, it can be cut into small pieces, which are separately dried and roasted. Such umbalacadu most often used to produce a fish meal.

This is a recipe for fish from mackerel, which can be found in our country. In addition, it is not necessary to complete the recipe. So take the recipe for your weapon.

Menu rescue: Umbalacada &# 8212; dried mackerel in maldivian style

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