Menu survivalist: Yukola – dried fish jerky

Harvesting food. Yes, it takes a lot of time. Yes, it is demanding to have certain knowledge. But, nevertheless, anyone can take a bait, dig for something to eat. Yes, even though it is more difficult.

But another question arises – how to keep such a fish? You can, of course, do not feel good. It is a long-term Siberian recipe. Fish cooked yukola, which can be safely stored for several months. Harvesting and storing fish.

So. The first thing you need to know: yukola can be cooked from absolutely any fish. It is not very tasty. In Siberia, the fish is harvested. And, characteristically, dogs eat it with joy. If you want to do harvesting yukola for personal use. In Siberia, whitefish and muksun were most often taken.

This is the main criterion for the fact that yukola will be good. The product will be. No, of course, we’re all love taranka, especially for beer, but this is not the situation. Plus you should not forget about parasites. In salmon fish, they are relatively rare, therefore yukola It turns out more secure.

What is the problem? In the process of cooking yukoly According to the original recipe, we’re not salt, nor temperature, nor seasonings. Nothing at all. So the parasites have extremely high chances of survival. It doesn’t always available. So be mentally prepared for the treatment of parasitic diseases. On the other hand, it’s better this way than to die of hunger.

Recipe yukoly simple to ugliness. We take the fish carcass, clean the scales (optional), cut off the head, cut it out and pull out all the insides. Next, make an incision along the spine, take out the ridge and large bones. It turns out two strips of fillet, connected in the tail area. We make many transverse cuts on each half without cutting the skin. We hang fish in the shade, but in a well-ventilated area. Covering it up with flies do not stick. We are waiting for three weeks. Everything.

What could be the problem:

  • Because the initial raw materials were not sufficiently fat. Water in this form. Most of the methods of use yukoly just imply pre-soaking the fish in cold or warm water. It will be just a little harsh.
  • Fish can be dried in the sun. In this case yukola will be too dry, dark and ugly. Plus, some of the nutrients will be destroyed. But yes, it will dry faster. The sun’s rays do not fall there.
  • Initially selected wrong fish. Yukola it will not be salty. Nutritional value will be so-so.

Cooked this way yukola may be stored for several months. It must be wrapped up and protected from moisture.

As you can see, the method is extremely simple. Its only drawback is the high risk of preserving the parasites. It is thought to be twice a fish. On the other hand, they didn’t suffer much from parasites. Yes, and there are effective ways to combat parasites. But we will tell you about it another time.

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