Mercedes Benz AMG 6? 6 – one of the most powerful and expensive SUVs

SUV in case of a zombie apocalypse. What should it be?

  • Powerful to break through the crowd of ghouls, scattering them in different directions, it’s quite possible that in parts.
  • It’s possible to make it easier to export.
  • For the first time in the world.
  • Reliable, and there is a car breakdown rate below average.

Here is Mercedes Benz AMG 6? 6 just doing a good job with this role. German quality, as they say. This is a three-axis monster, it seems, is generally unkillable. It is worth it. And she is 550 horsepower.

But the price is even Pobol than the tank Ripsaw. The truck is worth 800 thousand dollars minimum. However, this is not the limit: the firm Mansory can tighten it additionally. The number of banknotes will be another one. Tuning includes:

  • Engine power of 829 horsepower. Do not help them much.
  • Body kit from carbon.
  • Additional lights.
  • “Shob I Lived So!”, That is, luxurious.

However, all the same price. For more than a lot of money, you can get a lot of quality things. Although it is more convenient.


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