Mercenary at work – the lessons and experience of Iraq

Ben Thomas – a mercenary, or contractor, who served in Iraq. Ben, for different links combined into one. There is a complete one.

Ben Thomas, the author of the text of one of the years of contract in Iraq. I’m roaming in Iraq.

I’ve been the official pats of the army fords with a helicopter escort.

I like it.


Learn to communicate with any client. The US Army is the focus of evil. Every cyclist needs you to shoot. I have seen both. Consider their schedule and conceit. Do not neglect your own life. Do not be a client. I always do that … ”if it’s stupid, it’s stupid. And we’re in shit. This is a fine line. Do not be too conservative and do not plunge. It is a good idea.


A, A, A, A, A, A, A, A, A, GPS GPS, A ine, A, A, A, A, night, kh, night, night,, night, night, night, night, night device, a bronik and a helmet. It’s a lot. This is hot. If this is too hard for you, sign up for a gym – our work is not for the weak.

I will always wear a hard hat now. If she is, she is on my head. I’m not sure where to go. It is more convenient to wear it. Spend MICH or something like that.

AIMPOINT is excellent (EATEC is normal (too bright for my taste), ACOG is best. Remember, the aiming mark is 3MOA, and we regularly shoot more than three hundred meters. Last night, it was PKM at hand. What will I advise? Take ACOG, TA31F is the best investment.

Ammunition … they are not imported. I received a penny every time I heard “aha, man, we’ve already been Or my favorite “everything is in order, they are.” It is simply that they used it.
You must also be able to find out about it. Personally, I prefer the account on bank account. If I want to buy it myself. Remember that equipment is critical. Order the best and take care.


Take the biggest gun. Keep it clean and alert. TAKE MANY CARTRIDGES. Once I needed 14 stores, I never thought that this could be so. Store stores everywhere. If you’re working in the “green zone”

Buy a short M4, it will save your life. I have an 18-inch trunk connector (lower receiver), replacing it with a short one. It’s like having a choice of two carbines.

I also have a MK12 with a 22-inch barrel and a Leupold scope for long-range shots.


I think the most important and overlooked factor survival – training. Every day, your team must have a variety of situations. At the very least, do it with idle shooting. We usually start with “what if …”, and have an opinion about every unforeseen chance. Situations.
Come to certain principles. Know the common goal and move towards it. For example, the following is the case.

Shoot a lot. Keep fit. If the office cannot provide patrons, BORN THEM. Shoot idle. Practice changing stores. In the memory of each of the Lean on butt, aiming. Basic skills – the basis of victory. Shoot 800 meters and beyond. I know that I can shoot at least 800 meters and so on. Shoot as if still serving, and always beg for ammo.

Remember, in the movie “We were the soldiers,” said, “If I’m in the movie?” He was right. We have accumulated PKK, AK, PKM, MK19, M249, M203, M4, SVD, and M60 … it was fabulous … how to handle any weapon. If you can not get it from the NSD. You have to take out the PKM. Be familiar with them.

Before the next business trip. It was the best and most useful training of those in which I participated. We spent breaking through a simulation ambush scenario. We came to the unequivocal conclusion that LEAVING A CAR – AN IMPORTANT STEP FOR SURVIVAL. Hiding in him from behind the RPG, which will put an end.

Therefore, practice and practice – although it is easier. I just growl. For more information, please contact us.


Always have a trip plan at hand. We are always trying to be more secretive than anyone else. They are high-priority targets. Before you leave, you’re not used by the army. Ask the scouts (G2 for NATO hierarchy) why. In the glove box hold uncapsules – frag, smoke and gas. Here is the rule. DO NOT TOUCH THE CHECK WHILE THE GRADE IS IN THE SALON! The car shakes, and the grenade falls on the road. Small trouble. And if in the cabin? Bummer.

Use of gas and smoke. If you are obstructed by smoke blow. Most drivers will stop you at any room. It is effective and harmless. Use gas with heavy traffic. Seeing you catch up with the cloud is not very fun. It is impossible to do it. Fragment? We all know when to take them.

I ALWAYS prefer armored cars to unarmored. Only common sense. If unarmored falls out – sandbags, steel plates and spare plates are used wherever possible. Better than nothing. Steal polycarbonate windows from armored cars. As in the good old days Think about the fuel consumption. Schedule stops for refueling and food. Always keep a spare canister, just in case. Track it to level of fuel, expect it to be enough.

You can see it until you arrive at the checkpoint. On the passenger side, do the same with the signal panel VS17. And then the warriors can shoot you even faster than the local chebureks.

Take rations and water in the car. NEVER throw food and / or candy to children. There are many reasons why it can be used. Hitting a child can end your career. It is more likely that it will be the most shooters with the biggest guns. The car door is not a shelter. The car as a whole is not a shelter. (Hummer – car.)


Medical supplies are expensive, they save lives. The office where I work has been saved three lives.

Do some medical training. There is nothing to add to this. Do it.

Little things

Will you arrive in June? I often take them. Fifty pairs of socks. At least ten NOT COTTON t-shirts. Two pairs of sunglasses. Non-cotton T-shirts, if you wear them. (It’s getting charred. It’s getting harder to wear cotton.) movie talcum for the feet, sun cream.


If you are in the middle of a trailer or cottage, find out where the nearest bunker is located. Trying to find him at home in a hurry is not an option. Yes, everyone will run there. A man from the “delta,” usually followed by a swimmer in flip-flops. 120-millimeter mortars make us all very humble.
The bastard in my opinion is terrible. I sometimes burst a ration purely for a change. If you drink coffee, take it with you. A bag of instant – worth its weight in gold. I wear trekking socks, sweat off.
No longer notice you.

What you need to remember:

  • Remember that once you were all stupid little puppies. You have 450 tanks and orders. Remember this when you get 17 thousand a month, 17 500.
  • Shouting completely – do it. Idiotic rag.
  • Wherever you go, have a drink with you. This is the most valuable item. You would be fucked if I’ve bartered from our sergeants for whiskey.
  • The soldiers arrived on a one-year business trip, or even more. They are stupid dangerous garbage. Remember to stay for 68 days, not 60. And communicate with you.
  • Of course, each of us is ultimately working for ourselves, but distinguish trade secrets from intelligence. If you’ve run to your colleagues, write an e-mail to your colleagues.
  • Trust the intuition, it saves lives.
  • Be thick-skinned, accept criticism adequately. If something doesn’t work, ask for advice.
  • Keep your armor and your helmet.
  • Always have spare batteries for GPS. A map and a compass. Know the route.
  • It is not cling when you leave the car.
  • Take a mosquito net for a sniper position.
  • If you start to trust the local – it’s time to make a day off.
  • Entering the battle … finish it. If you shot at you, you can open fire again. What started – finish.
  • I’m glad I took them: ACOG, a short M4, my own holster, my own unloading, poncho padding, travel mat, compass, books.
  • More socks, more shoes, more shoes, more shoes, more shoes, more movies, more movie discs.
  • Take care of your sense of humor. Stay funny people, with them, even in a fucking situation easier.

Ben thomas, December 2010

Self defense

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