Mercenary Code: rules to raise morale

Mercenaries – Life, and sometimes life. Earn money, find fame, shoot and fight, quickly die, or find out.

Previously, in the days of knights and fights … princesses, mercenaries often This phenomenon is called Private Military Companies (Private Military Company, or Contractors – hence another modern name for mercenaries – contractors), or simply PMCs (PMC).

There is an opinion that mercenaries he wasn’t the one who wasn’t the one who wasn’t But it turns out that not always mercenary – a scoundrel and a charlatan by nature. Sometimes being bad guy is dictated by special rules. Have mercenaries there is a whole Moral code, landmarks and condottieri set of immutable rules of conduct and ethics. That is more than a serious document. It is this document, adapted to the modern world, we further give =)

Moral code of mercenaries

  1. Maintain reputation.
  2. If you can witness a paragraph 1, get rid of the witnesses.
  3. Get rid of the witnesses.
  4. Half the money – go ahead.
  5. If you can – more.
  6. If you’ve been receiving money in advance, you can’t make it.
  7. Conclusion – ask twice as much.
  8. Ask three times more.
  9. If you are not happy, you can’t let you go.
  10. Or you work for the wrong client.
  11. If X offers an amount greater than Y offers, try to get Y to know.
  12. Do not go too far.
  13. If p. What happened to them?
  14. If they bought it, increase the amount.
  15. If not, see paras. 1-3.
  16. In this case, from the very beginning, take into account paragraphs. 4-7.
  17. If you’re hanging around, try to get money from him as well.
  18. Twice as much.
  19. Three times.
  20. If you’re undertaking to pay, do not sign.
  21. If you’re in private for all of the above, you’re not talking about PP. 1-3.
  22. If you’re in the process of working, try not to become personal.
  23. If you are still personal, see p. 3
  24. If everything around is dead, you won.
  25. Addition to paragraph 24 – if you want to pay for it. Also read paragraph 4. and
  26. You must be able to see more information. Look at the circumstances.
  27. Do not bury.
  28. If you have gone too far – remember a paragraph 1. Increase the amount. In a pinch, you get the stipulated.
  29. If in doubt, use “Greek fire,” gunpowder, dynamite, trotyl, or other potent agent.
  30. Remember – there are many customers, and you are one.
  31. The word “Moral” in the title – just like that.
  32. Never miss the opportunity to eat, drink and sleep.
  33. Controversial property, money and women – are drunk.
  34. Indisputable – too.
  35. Do not be in the forefront – they will be killed.
  36. And in the latter – you will be late for the “holiday”.
  37. Borrow the position of supply manager.
  38. Or become his friend.
  39. Remember the existing division methods:
  1. honestly;
  2. in fairness;
  3. brotherly;
  4. equally;
  5. in half;
  • Never share your possessions and supplies.
  • If the division is organized by comrades – participate. Remember paragraph 39.
  • Never take someone else’s.
  • Make someone else’s finder.
  • Never be distracted by small profits
  • After the hike from there you can go back.
  • Be honest!
  • It is the most advantageous to be honest with yourself.
  • Do not hurt, do not endanger.
  • Remember, you can hire another mercenary.
  • And then do not pay.
  • Bury it.
  • Do not trust clients – they are bastards!
  • Think with your head !!!
  • If p. 53 is impossible – by helmet.
  • Do not fight in the rain – you can get wet.
  • If you are still wet – activate paragraph 53 in order to console yourself in time – paragraph 31.
  • You are not a philosopher, you are not a philosopher.
  • It is not necessary to stop it. 53.
  • If you have no money, then he hid them very well – see p. 58.
  • Unbroken dishes while drinking is a personal insult.
  • Unbroken faces of comrades – an insult to nature.
  • Protect the nature.
  • The ability to run can come in handy after the following many points.
  • Never save princesses.
  • Agree with the dragon, naduy knight.
  • Blow the dragon, see p. 3
  • If it turned out that there is no dragon, but there is a princess – see p. 32.
  • Clean gear and shiny hardware attract enemy snipers. Don’t clean your gear.
  • If you owe a friend money, clean his gear.
  • If a comrade doesn’t voluntarily give up his equipment, clean his face.
  • If a comrade is more than you – take into account p. 27 and remember about p. 63
  • This is a list of detachment of the same mercenaries – roll a joint drunk. See paras. 59-61.
  • It is not changing the clothes, not changing the clothes, not coming the clothes
  • Suggest to those other guys p. 73.
  • With money received under clause 73, enter clause 32.
    1. You can get.
    2. The conclusion of paragraph 76: if possible, postpone the decisive battle.
    3. Wait until the employer runs out of money.
    4. If you’re trying to get a shot of a shotgun
    5. I want to act like this:
    1. If you are commanded by 77
    2. If you are not commanded by Eric Prince, see paragraph 63.
  • Never. No one. Do not trust.
  • Do not trust anyone, even yourself. Therefore, count the money repeatedly. After the end of the counting process, think about p. 6, p. 40, p. 43, p. 47 and proceed according to p. 3
  • Prepare yourself for joining the ranks of mercenaries from childhood!
  • There are some ways to get to know the world. fourth Estonian reaction rate. Where would you be offered for free?
  • It is NOT listed in section 32.
  • “Good, bad – the main thing is who has a gun” (c)
  • Let the enemy be even worse.
  • If something can be drunk today
  • Wheelbarrow friend – your car. A friend’s machine gun. Friend’s wallet – your wallet. A friend’s wife is your wife.
  • There are no other wives.
  • About the stomach:
    1. A big stomach is good.
    2. A big wallet is better than a big stomach.
    3. A big bulletproof vest is better than a big wallet.
    4. The perfect combination: a mercenary with a big stomach, a ba-alshim wallet and even more bronik!
    5. Soldier mercenary – frag
    6. Summarizing thesis: do not die yourself, and the employer on …!
    7. If you feed at all tomorrow
    8. War, maneuvers are all garbage, devil!
    9. Himself die. And he in his hand!
    10. To work on Sunday is a sin, on the Sabbath a sin, on other days an even greater sin.
    11. It is a mercenary drink.
    12. Good sleep enhances morale. Good food enhances morale. Good money reinforce morale. And most of all the morale – the absence of the enemy.
    13. Mercenary Code: rules to raise morale

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