Mercenary Contractor: Basic Rules and Errors

Abstain to be that guy. That guy is dressed as a bearded character from a computer game. Oakley glasses, Merril bots and a cap with velcro. Most likely, with a tactical bag-grip in a fashionable camouflage colors. Today it is the cartoons! (The article is outdated, rather, ATAX, Cryptek or Pencott – Ed.)

Do what is practical. Avoid military service, enter service again. 5.11. Carry what you need to work. Flame-resistant shirts, pants and gloves fit this definition. In addition to the bad guys, there are other threats, such as accidents and fires.

Abstain If you were in the carriageway, it was a shot. It is a common thing to use. Once you may have been an evil prapor, but now you’re a civilian. If you’ve been told to check you three times an hour You get paid all the way. Remember, nobody keeps you.

Do that’s what is your knowledge. You can’t learn what to know. This is not the same as sharing rumors and gossip. You have been hired for professionalism in all aspects of the contract. This is what you get paid for.

Abstain Of the 100-day business trip. Yes, you need to think about financial stability. It is not a best financial plan.

Do it help From vacation to his pension fund. A lot of guys keep in gymnasiums, guns, or are engaged in writing. Your family, now or in the future, will thank you for it.

Abstain be an idiot in a simulator. It is a small group of people. It can be seen. If you’re not trying to see squeeze 125 pounds. It is a scape of the hillfighter, or a taliban hillfighter.

Do exercise in the gym so often when you can. This is what you need to do. You can get rid of it, you can get rid of it.

Stamp “Blackwater Mercenary » born of the poorly informed people. For more than a thousand years ago, we’ve seen them.

Contractor, or mercenary &# 8212; basic rules and mistakes

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