Methods and principles for the development of stress tolerance among fighters

The main problem is to completely protect a fighter from stress effects is impossible. This will not be supported.

It is simply unrealistic to simulate landfill conditions. Moreover, it is impossible to create conditions.

Even the infamous “hellish weeks” in the United States fur seals, it is also more convention. If ringing the bell. Perhaps the SAS exam. Their famous “Merry Dance”. 64 kilometers with full display, in 20 hours. Naturally, this is the most vile weather test. The fighter moves, observing the checkpoint. In the course of the test, it has been approved. In short, it is not surprising that they died on this exam.

And, for our speckles, it doesn’t look very serious. And I don’t remember those who died during the exam. By the way, you’ll be completely flayed from the same time.

That is, SAS as close as possible to simulate the real life-threatening conditions. Well, in principle, those who use such stressful training methods, follow same same principle (indonesian kopasus, eg).

But, again, such a test represents a life-threatening situation only as part of personal survival. But readiness for military contact does not add.

That is, even if we follow the model of the KMP, it will also be a plus for preparation. But in this case, they could die as a result of a falling victim to their own idiocy.

And here we come to the most important thing. Full combat experience (including interaction and stress management) the fighter receives only in actual combat conditions. And this is no substitute. It makes it impossible to talk about it.

How can a fighter manage stress on the battlefield? Here works the good old truth “knowledge is power.” The more a person knows:

  • quicks of the psyche
  • exactly which physiological mechanisms are responsible for mental reactions
  • how to respond to the body
  • how to bring another person out of stress and shock

Very well helps, by the way, a detailed medical course. Not only at the level first aid, but also at the level of basic field surgery / traumatology. It’s not a problem.

By the way, the most detailed in the context antistress training It is necessary to approach the methods of removing from shock. It will help you to help yourself, if you don’t have it.

I’m here to find out how to “reset” of the vestibular apparatus occurs. Knock a person down. It will be much easier. In a pinch, then just drop it down.

And there is one more important moment. More precisely, even more important.

Stress in battle it is still a transient phenomenon. If you’re not killed And continue to work. But after all this …

If you are thinking about what you are thinking about.

As stated in one good old movie:

Harley You Fucking Think Too Much.
(c) “Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Cowboy.”

The better a person understands stress physiology, It should be noted. Well, of course, it is the best to take a fighter.

What would a fighter not do just for *** lsya.
Old army wisdom

However, this distinctive point is that it has been dull and monotonous activities, such as digging a trench, in this case will have no benefit. To “stir up” the brainer is a person, an intellectual load is needed. It has been noted that there has been a loss of time for the tanker. AT post stress situation You need to think about what happened.

That is, in short, comprehensive medical, psychological, pharmacological training stress effect to a minimum. If this is a combination of the scenarios, it will be better.

Moreover, the situation is the situation, the situation, the situation, the situation, the situation, the situation it will be stress tolerance training.

It is also necessary to develop a certain “connection” (in the case of a small unit). If necessary, it can be used as a guideline. It makes it difficult to complicate the situation and it’s possible to make a difference.

The more such “hopeless” situations stress tolerant it will be stress exposure after battle.

In short, an instructor with fantasy, love for perverted jokes and rich experience, When it comes to the ground, it is a good “joke”.

Also, it is ideally, of course, it is a tactical and rifle exercises in different environments (forest, mountains, city, building). Of course, all this talk is about some kind of ideal complex. It’s clear that you’re on your own. But that’s the problem. It is not so difficult to create a full-fledged program covering the whole area of ​​training. The problem is that there will be nowhere to put it.

No, of course, there are ways to get there. Suffice it to recall movies about spies and episodes, how they are prepared. This is not so untrue. This is not the case.

Methods and principles for the development of stress tolerance among fighters

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