Methods for catching crayfish with your hands, a sharp, special fishing rod, rakolovka, shoes, crayfish bait.

On a complete lack of fish, a cancer will also be a fish, which you can not only cook and eat, but also use crayfish as fishing bait. Crayfish live in clear channels and streams, but are sometimes found in lakes.. 

Methods of catching crayfish by hand, sharp, special fishing rod, raking, shoes, crayfish bait.

During the day, cancer is mainly located in its hole dug under steep shady banks, under snags and stones, and in the evening and at night it moves along the bottom in search of prey. In winter, the cancer goes to the depths and hides in holes.

ashore or a torch made of birch bark will not only help to see the cancer, but also attract it, thereby increasing your catch. It is advisable to cook the caught crayfish while they are still alive; the meat of dead crayfish is not tasty. During the day, crayfish can be caught with hands, looking for them in minks, under snags and stones. When lifting stones, one must be prepared for the fact that the cancer swims very quickly, and backwards, that is, head backwards, pushing off the water with its tail. Therefore, of course, it’s best to arrange such a pairing, where one turns stones, and the other catches prey. It is recommended to wear gloves to prevent cuts and protect your hands when fishing..

Crayfish Catching.

A crayfish fishing harbor is a long stick split from one end. Wedges are inserted into the cleavage so that the edges of the stick diverge by a few centimeters. The stick must be taken fresh, moist, since dry is inelastic and can easily break. For fishing with a harpoon near the shore, where the water is especially clear, you need to throw a bait. The jail is carefully brought to the cancer and stuck into the bottom. The cancer falls between the forks and gets pinched at the top of the splinter, after which it remains only to pull it out of the water with your hands.

Crayfish fishing with special gear.

To sharpen a wooden stick from one end and attach the bait to it stick into the bottom of the reservoir. Previously, the bait should be wrapped with a fine mesh, mesh fabric, nylon stocking. Fish, meat, frogs or grasshoppers are suitable for bait. Moreover, the more corrupt and smelly the bait will be, the better, since the crayfish feed on carrion. The smell of crayfish will be stronger if the carcass is cut along the back to the vertebrae and the meat is turned out.

Sensing the bait of the cancer to capture it with claws, at this point it should be pulled out. Usually, the cancer holds the prey firmly, but nevertheless, it should be removed from the water carefully; during sudden movements, the cancer may fall off the bait. A piece of fishing line or rope, the end of which is attached to the float, can be attached to the bait of sufficient length, if necessary, hang an additional sinker to the bait. Then periodically, after a while, the tackle is checked for the presence of prey by pulling it out of the water.

Crawfish Cancer Fishing.

The head is a wooden hoop, metal or thick steel wire hoop with a diameter of about half a meter or a little more, covered with a net or cloth. In the middle of the circle is attached a load for gravity and bait. Three or four pieces of rope, fishing lines are attached to the hoop, which, in turn, are attached to a lifting rope or fishing line, the length of which is selected depending on the depth of the reservoir. The fishing line is attached to the end of a long fishing rod. The circle sinks into the water in a quiet, deep place, closer to the steep bank, that is, where there are usually the largest number of crustacean burrows. Every 15 to 20 minutes the circle carefully rises to the surface. Sometimes you can catch up to a dozen crayfish in one catch..

Shoe fishing.

In extreme cases, you can try to catch crayfish on the shoe. To do this, shoes with the bait lowered inward on a long rope sink into the bottom of the pond. Climbing inside, by the smell, cancer is raised ashore.

A small video on the topic of cancer fishing using rakolovki.

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