Methods of mounting tactical lights on weapons

The review covers most of the possible mounting options. gun lights on smooth-bore and rifled weapons. Attached photos of fixtures and layout options, as well as focusing on the “pros” and “minuses” of each of the options.

I draw your attention to the fact that the review will not consider options for which it will be required weapon upgrade, for example, weaver / picatinny rail inserts. This is a separate topic for a completely different section.

Options for mounting tactical lights on weapons:

  1. Mount the lamp under the barrel
  2. Fastening of a lamp under a bed on the screw
  3. Adjustable flashlight mount on an optical sight
  4. Mounting lanterns on existing Picatinny and Weaver planks
  5. Mount lights on the classic smooth-bore guns
  6. Gun mount with tubular barrel gutter
  7. Mount lights / lasers / LCC on crossbows
  8. Mount the lamp on the shooting table

Option 1. Fastening a flashlight under the barrel

The easiest and most common option. Fits most shotguns and carbines, rifled semi-automatic and some bolt guns.

The first thing we need to create a base “Weaver.” For this there are several options for mounting. The specific choice is yours.

Then it remains to fix on this base. lamp with the help of a usual ring and fasten the velcro for the remote button on the forearm.

Below in the photo are various options for mounting on the barrel and photos flashlight on the mount.

Under-barrel lights on carbines Wild boar, Tiger, Saiga:

As you can see, everything is really simple, almost no costs.


  • Simplicity and availability in Russia
  • Most fixtures can be purchased at almost any lamppost.
  • The ability to use lights with remote buttons, and without them


  • Changing (not for the better) weapon balance
  • Reflection of a side flare from details of the weapon, for example from a trunk

Option 2. Fastening of the lamp under the bed on the anchorage screw

This option makes sense to implement on “Bolt” rifles with the trunk hung when the trunk never touches the bed. It is checked simply: a sheet of paper passes freely between the barrel and the rifle bed. These rifles are Remingtones 700th series, Tikka and many others…

It is impossible to hang anything extra on the barrels of rifles with a hanging barrel in order not to disturb the harmonic oscillations and reduce firing accuracy. But the way out is quite simple: it is necessary, as in the first version. create a base “Weaver”. It is more convenient and easier to do this with the help of a regular unshackle.

Using the adapter, as in the first photo, we simultaneously receive the base “Weaver” and an additional swivel for attaching the belt.


  • The balance of the weapon practically does not change, does not “leave” the STF
  • Harmonic vibrations of the trunk are not disturbed.
  • Easy installation and disassembly
  • The regular swivel is duplicated and does not lose its functions.


  • The complexity of the acquisition adapter
  • Tendency to hooks on vegetation and clothing
  • Bent with shooting from the stop, a flashlight does not allow you to comfortably put a rifle
  • Difficulty in carrying in standard gun cases

Option 3. Adjustable mount flashlight on the optical sight

One of the options for adjustable mounting lantern EagleTac M25C2 on the optical sight. Allows you to accurately combine the central spot with the point of impact at the desired distance. Recommended for weapons with rifled the trunk.

Also, with the help of adjustable mounts you can mount the lights on the slats “Weaver”. In the first photo below – examples of such adjustable mounts on the bar “Weaver” (left) and the sight tube (right).


  • High pointing accuracy
  • The balance of weapons practically does not change
  • Slight reflection of side illumination from the details of the weapon in the direction of the arrow


  • The difficulty of acquiring an adjustable mount
  • Bulkiness design
  • Tendency to hooks on vegetation and clothing
  • Tendency to “stall” weapons and the loss of the “horizon”
  • With a heavy lantern – increased load on the sight pipe
  • Difficulty in carrying in standard gun cases

Option 4: Mount the lanterns on existing Picatinny and Weaver trims

If your weapon already has strips “Weaver”, then you are free to install attachments as you please, guided only by necessity and common sense

Remember the following axioms:

  • The closer you hang something to the muzzle, the worse the balance of weapons
  • The closer to the butt, the greater the illumination of the parts of the weapon and the blindness of the shooter (especially with optics)
  • Do not forget about the possibility of attachment to the main “Weaver” at an angle of 45 degrees
  • When upgrading your weapons, especially AK-shaped ones, do not “rush” to cheap “body kit”, do not take the cheapest “rails”, “rails”, rings …

In the photo above – carbines “Saiga MK-03” .223 REM and “Wild Boar” 12-gauge.

The pictures below are an example. tuning AK-shaped from one of the leading world leaders in tuning. There is where to hang the lights, right?

Pluses: The flight of your imagination is almost unlimited!

Disadvantages: Your bank cards are empty in proportion to the pleasure …

Option 5. Mount lights on the classic smooth-bore guns

Previously, there were problems with fasteners with “vertical” and “horizontal” lanterns, for not so many options. Under the trunk and on the swivel (option number two above). But under the trunk – and how? Not once seen “fasteners”, from which the hair stood on end …

About three years ago SuperFarik’s engineers developed and patented unique mounts, allowing fast and reliable mount lights. And both on the “vertical” and “horizontal”!

Below in the photo – they are.

The merits, like the flaws, are the same: with all the “riches of choice” the other reasonable and the right alternative is just not there!

Option 6. Fastening on guns with barrel-tube tubular magazines

And again I will show wonderful mounts “SuperFanarika”, problems arising during installation and ways to solve these “problems”.

As seen in the second photo on the left, lamp can rest against the attachment on the store. The solution is obvious – move the mount forward. But with this method it gets worse. weapon balance, which is critical in a quick jump of a weapon and, for example, shooting.

There is one more simple option that allows you to avoid the “file” and “masturbation” – use the boost adapter Weaver-Weaver. Honestly, I used for the photo is not the most successful adapter. There was simply no other “at hand”.


  • dimensions increase;
  • the “hooking” of the weapon increases slightly.

Does not affect the convenience of carrying.

There is another option – a mount that is integrated into the store’s unshank itself. Saw, but did not find the photo at the moment.

Option 7. Mount lights / lasers / LCU crossbows

Universal rifle mount designed for mounting on crossbows of various light devices, such as flashlights / lasers / LCC.

Mounts on crossbows with the help of standard screws in the existing holes for fasteners staff Weaver.

At the moment, three models of Fasteners have been developed and are being tested in real conditions: “Standard”, “Kiver-1” and “Kiver-2”. I will tell and show each option in more detail.

Option “Standard”.

Designed for mounting on the crossbow of two light devices in different versions.

Option “Standard” on crossbows, photo:

Option Kiver-1

Designed for mounting on crossbow light fixture and shako for arrows. The shiver is perpendicular to the rail. crossbow. The keeper attachment area is used from the kit of your crossbow.

Option “Kiver-1” on crossbows – above in the photo under the heading

Option Kiver-2

Designed for mounting on crossbow light fixture and shako for arrows. The shiver is parallel to the rail. crossbow, at a slight angle. The keeper attachment area is used from the kit of your crossbow.

Option “Kiver-2” on crossbows, a photo:

Compatibility (what I know at the moment):


  • Vapor
  • Turbo XLT II
  • Tactical XLT
  • Titan xtreme
  • Titan hlx
  • Stealth ss
  • Stealth xlt
  • Phantom
  • Lazer hp
  • Fusion cls
  • Carbon Elite XLT


  • Legate
  • Ifrit
  • Tactician
  • Archon
  • Skald
  • Leopard

Universal Mounts, painted with DuraCoat heavy-duty weapon paint:

For more information about Universal Substance Gun Mounts, see the corresponding section of the Hanse.

Option 8. Fixing the lantern on the shooting table

In recent times, I have more and more often heard and see that shooters and hunters are interested in the so-called varmint-option of outdoor recreation. Put comfortable shooting table, comfortable chair, a thermos with tea … And this method “infected” not only shooters on paper, but also hunters. Perhaps this virus will reach you. I will tell and show you how easy and convenient to work with a lantern of the table.

In the photo – excellent and repeatedly tested by us. shooting table. Produces them in any configuration (custom) Ganzovets, name is Alex. On the picture – crossbow modification, with an adjustable stool and a removable added shelf for additional accessories, such as: chronograph, cartridge boxes, thermos, tube with arrows … One word – custom!

With the table figured out, now move on to the mount lanterns. Here, too, everything is simple. Initially, I used banal shots hose clamps from hoz.maga. Uncomfortable and non-kosher. Then I bought a mount, which is on the 1st photo. A lot of bim-shots were taken, the mount is reliable. Now I’m waiting for another option, as in photo number two. I think it will be more convenient. The mount itself is mounted on tripod, on its removable platform. Tripod placed on the table, remote flashlight button – in a convenient place on the table.

I will share my way of finding the most convenient mounting lights on tripod. Immediately make a reservation that I picked up the attachments for tactical lights with case diameters of 25.4 mm (1 ?, inch) and 30 mm. Tripod on the examples there, only the site.

So, I began with the construction market and sanitary clamps. Several nuts on the “sheep” – for lifting, so as not to cling “sheep” clamps. “… I blinded him from what was …”

In principle, the design is quite a work. But with frequent changes lanterns twist “lambs” – well, just awful, tired.

E-bay proposed the following mount, positioned as a mount flashlight on the wheel of the bike. Twist it less, but it is difficult to accurately set lamp when changing it. And the central axis scraped the body flashlight. Cured by shrinking.

Following mount arrived quite recently but was immediately rejected – designed only for an inch case. Externally – tiny, elegant, but …

And finally, the last option, on which I will stop the search. The carving on the lever is large, two or three turns and voila chinese, shock absorbing lining, of course, fell off. But the heat shrinkage helped again.

Everything! As they say, comments are superfluous.

I hope, to be continued …

Author – proba999

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