Methods of preparing game on a fire, on a spit, in clay, ash, foil, earth and sand.

The easiest and most common way to cook game on the hunt is cooking. The advantages are obvious, as it turns out two dishes at once: boiled meat and a wonderful broth. 

Methods of preparing game on a fire, on a spit, in clay, ash, foil, earth and sand.

Any game is suitable for cooking, with the exception of quail, snipe and hollow. The fact is that these little birds have amazing taste only in fried form. To boil a bird carcass, its wings and legs are pressed tightly against the body, and then lowered into a pot of cold water, which is suspended above a strong fire of a fire.

At the time of boiling, the resulting foam is removed with a spoon, and then on the fire the game is cooked until cooked. During cooking, salt, onion are added to taste, and at the end of cooking pepper and bay leaf. The resulting broth can be used as a separate dish, and as the basis for the preparation of various soups. For this, in addition to potatoes and vegetables, you can use various cereals, vermicelli, pasta.

If you are tired and there is no strength and desire to cook soup, you can cook stewed game, that is, boil it in a small amount of water. 

Cooking game in clay at the stake.

This cooking method can only be used on a hunt. At the very beginning, you need to check whether the clay is suitable for cooking. To do this, you need to roll several balls from clay and put them in a bonfire. If at the same time balls are sintered into strong lumps, and not crumble, then clay is suitable. It’s best to cook chicken and wild pigeons in clay..

In this way, you can also cook teal, mallard, but not duck ducks, since they have a very dense feather and subcutaneous fat will give the dish an unpleasant odor. Without plucking feathers, briefly cut the neck and wings of the game, rinse from the inside and salt and then stew. You can also put fat, fruits and berries inside the carcass. After this, it is necessary to coat the game with clay, hammering it under the feather. The clay layer should be 1-2 cm.

They make a fire, dig a hole in the ash and put a clay “doll” there. Different types of game are prepared differently. For example, black grouse is baked in clay for at least 2 hours. After the “doll” was laid in a hole, a small fire is supported from above, on which other dishes can be cooked. The doll is pulled out of the fire and smashed. Feathers flow into clay and lag behind meat. Meat prepared in clay can be cut into pieces if desired and fried over coals until a crust forms.

Red game (snipe, hollow) is prepared directly on the edge. A piece of butter or lard and salt are put in an unchipped gutted carcass. The hole is sutured with thread or stalks of grass. The carcass is coated with clay and put in a bonfire. The readiness of the dish can be judged by crackling clay. Having taken out from a fire and having cooled a little, clay is broken. Sticky feathers remain with it..

After that, the carcass can either be put on a stick, slightly fried, or cut into pieces, strung on a skewer and cooked like a barbecue. Or a dead, plucked bird is gutted, filled with cereal, wrapped in a rag, coated with a thin layer of clay and put in ash under a fire. Drying and cracking clay will tell you that game meat is ready to eat.

Skewers of meat of ungulates.

You can cook a great kebab from the meat of ungulates. For these purposes, take the flesh of the hind leg, wash, cut into small pieces, put in a bowl, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Finely chopped onions, vinegar or 1 teaspoon of lemon juice are also added here. All this is mixed. The dishes are covered with a lid and put in a cool place for 2-3 hours. Before roasting, pickled pieces of game are strung on a skewer or wooden sticks interspersed with onions, lard, tomatoes. After 20-30 minutes the kebab is ready.

Cooking skewers.

Skewer – the oldest cooking tool. In marching conditions it is made from direct walnut, maple and alder sanded branches. The thickness of the skewer is usually chosen so that it does not bend under the weight of the meat. Its length should be at least 1 meter. In this case, when cooking, it will be possible to stay away from the fire and hands will not be so hot.

Methods of preparing game on a fire, on a spit, in clay, ash, foil, earth and sand.
bonfire. In this case, the prepared carcass must be salted, greased on the outside, wrapped with maple leaves (water lilies, burdock) and tied with fresh bast.

Then dig a hole in the ground, put a carcass there, cover it with earth and ram it. The top layer of earth or sand should not be thicker than 2-3 cm. A bonfire is made at this place. The cooking time in this way is not the same for different types of game. Medium-sized game (wild pigeon, hazel grouse) is prepared for at least 1 hour.

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