Microfiber towels, general characteristics and benefits when used in the field, microfiber care.

For a long time it was believed that the best material for making a towel is some kind of natural material, such as cotton or linen. However, progress does not stand still and what used to be a product of space technology, now everyone can afford. 

Microfiber towels, general characteristics and benefits when used in the field, microfiber care.

Microfiber is a microfiber with a complex structure with micro-gaps and a mixture of synthetic materials. It is microfiber fibers that are now actively used for the manufacture of various types of towels. Microfiber towels differ from ordinary towels made of natural fabrics by almost everything, and above all by the principle of action. A cotton towel absorbs water due to the capillary effect, while in a microfiber towel, when rubbed against the surface, an electrostatic effect occurs, which absorbs moisture into micropores.

The remaining advantages and useful properties of microfiber towels in comparison with the same sizes with towels made of natural fabrics are listed in paragraphs.

1. Absorb more moisture, some manufacturers give a figure that is 7-9 times more than their own weight.
2. Thinner, compact, have much less weight and volume.
3. Softer to the touch, the material is pleasant to the body.
4. You can wipe yourself without feeling uncomfortable even when it is wet.
5. Easy to squeeze to almost dry state.
6. Faster, 3-4 times, dry.
7. It is well washed off, spots are easily removed from material.
8. Hypoallergenic, do not carry all kinds of harmful microparticles and bacteria.
9. Wear-resistant, do not fringe, maintain good appearance and work until complete mechanical wear.

Microfiber towels are available in a variety of colors and sizes, from small (40×40 cm) for hands to huge (90×150 cm), the so-called beach or bath. As a rule, they are equipped with protective mesh covers on a zipper and have antibacterial treatment, which reduces the likelihood of unpleasant odors and the entire life of the towel.

Those towels that have a pile look like ordinary terry towels and, due to the larger area of ​​the material, absorb more moisture than their counterparts with a flat surface. Pile towels are stronger, but at the same time slightly heavier, oversized and take longer to dry than flat towels. Microfiber towels with a flat surface are far less skin-friendly for some firms than pile towels.

All these qualities of microfiber towels will make them reliable companions for hiking, especially in conditions where for some reason (for example, the weather does not allow) it is difficult or difficult to dry things. For the same reason, towels and microfiber will be appropriate when training in the gym, swimming, traveling, traveling, business trips, going to the beach, etc. You can put the towel in your hands or bag even wet, it will dry there in its mesh packaging.

Microfiber Towel Care.

Caring for microfiber is quite simple, but has some of its own characteristics. Such a towel can be washed both by hand with ordinary soap, and in a washing machine, but at a temperature of no more than 30 degrees.

It is very advisable not to use bleaches, softeners and conditioners when washing, as they clog the pores of microfiber and it begins to lose its properties. After washing, do not dry on heaters. No need to iron.

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