Mikronozh Spyderco Bug Knife

In the store, a gnome goes to the saleswoman:
– To me, please, weigh 5 grams of this cheese.
In response, sarcastically:
– And you do not get greedy?
– But you will be rude – I will ask you to chop!
(Old joke)

Spyderco bug knife It is a universal tactical knife for survival (or the two-handed sword).

  • Ceramic canter
  • Minor repairs. Very small
  • Useful Keychain

The whole peculiarity of the knife is that it is very small. However, it’s made up of observing all the traditions of its company. In the folded state, the length of the accessory is only 41 mm, in the open – 73 mm. The handle is made of steel grade 3Cr13. Interestingly, whats it can be watered and he grows up?

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