Military armored SUV VPK-3927 “Wolf”

Armored car VPK-3927 “Wolf” It is a military vehicle with an armor and integrated weapons.

TTX car “Wolf”

Incarnated vehicle specifications “Wolf” based on the YMZ-5347 promising power unit, it meets the following parameters:

  • Engine type: turbo diesel
  • Volume, l: 4.4
  • Power hp.: 240-300
  • Maximum speed, km / h: 130
  • Fuel reserve by distance, km: 1000

Above power plant aggregates car “wolf” with a five-band transmission borrowed from the Tigr SUV, although undergoing some modernization.

It can also be used in the range of 250-550mm. The suspension stiffness in armored cars. The wolf permits up to 60km / h.

What is remarkable machines “Wolf”?

The car was developed by LLC “Military Industrial Company”. Off-road cars VPK-3927 1.5-2.5 tons. Military SUV “Wolf” It was created to solve multifaceted tasks that are associated with the implementation of various counter-terrorist operations.

Considered Auto “Wolf” It can be taken into account.

Family of cars “Wolf” divided into three classes: as well as promising civilian commercial cars. Initially, developers “Volkov”, and the remaining classes are still under development.

Among the armored cars presented by the Military Industrial Company are:

  • Base MIC-3927 rear end overhead function module;
  • Transport version of the model MIC-39272 There is a possibility for a variety of functional modules;
  • MIC-39273 with the wheel of formula 6? 6, a protected rear module of increased volume.

Considered cars “wolf” Have the following parametric characteristics:

Model MIC-3927 MIC-39272 MIC-39273
Wheel formula four? four 6? 6
Length mm 5416 5712 6976
Height mm 2100
Width, mm 2500
Wheelbase, mm 3300 4550
Track, mm 2140
Ground clearance, mm 250-550
Turning radius, m 7
Overhang angle 45-55
Gross weight (bron / nebron), kg 7500/7000 -/ 7000 10200/9600
Loading capacity (bron / nebron), kg 1500/2500 -/ 2500 2500/4500
Weight tow. trailer kg 2500
Seats 2 + 8 2 + 18

Overcoming obstacles:

  • Wade depth, m 1,5
  • Wall height, m ​​0.5
  • The width of the pit, m 0,5

Developers of the armored cars “Wolf” It is up to you to create

Additional features of the car “Wolf”

Military cars “Wolf” Can be used for a vehicle. Armored Russian cars MIC 3927 Wolf, There are no modifications, high resource and maneuverability.

Military ATV Protection Concept “Wolf” It is based on the mine and ballistic protection of the vehicles and personnel themselves. The design of the frame-panel protection 85% according to GOST R50963. The floor is covered.

Improved visibility is facilitated by an integrated, windshield protected. Also, loopholes for the area.

Everything armored cars series “Wolf” It has been shown at least 300 meters. High-strength bullet-resistant glass of 68mm, which doesn’t create an optical pattern.

This is a V-shaped double bottom of a car (this is a car). 122-mm high-explosive projectile, for example, the BTR-80 weighing more than 13 tons of land mine overturns, throwing it up in the air. In addition to the aircraft guns.

As a power plant on the new “Wolf” Yaroslavl-installed 190-horsepower engine YTMZ-534 Due to this ground clearance can vary from 25 cm to 55 cm.

In addition, the military “Wolves” It has been designed to ensure that it can be carried out. The control system doesn’t affect the mobility of the vehicle.

War machine “Wolf” is a development of Russian engineers, created “from scratch”. He added that he wanted to make his car. In addition, they are directing, armored cars.

Finally, we offer a review of the car “Wolf” in a small video:


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