Military equipment: How to ride armored BTR

APC and / or a truck. This is why I’m not sure that I’ve been able to get out.

But back to the main vehicles.


It’s not comfortable to ride inside. During what I didn’t give up all his ascetic decorations. And then it was sick all day. I repeat it.

Therefore, everyone prefers to move around. on armor. But not everyone can. Climbing on armor, forget all the “Serve the Soviet Union”. Armored personnel carrier – This is a serious car. Despite the impressive weight, can develop enough speed. And the word “may” from this sentence boldly throw out. Ride your BTR will be at top speed. The driver is AFRAID. This is normal. And not without reason. He is awaited by the mines and land mines, who wants to slip, and even get the grenade launcher is complicated. Specifically, you will not appear in his thoughts.

So sorry, but your safety is in your hands. But just hands you will not. You will squeeze them automatic. If you start your crawl off your armor, you’ll have your thoughts on it!

Therefore, I will share my experience.

  • NEVER BE LOCATED AHEAD OF THE DRIVER. The fact that you’ve been a corpse is 100%. You find yourself under Armored personnel carrierohm
  • First ride on armor ALWAYS should not be allowed on the armor. Not to be discourage and not to chill. Three people, a maximum of five.
    During the shelling, do not try to jump inside. All of you will fail. If during the shelling Armored personnel carrier If your armor has been creeping away from the armor.
  • The most convenient place to sit at the tower. On the railing. But this place is usually occupied by the commander. Therefore, choose a place for him. But there it will be necessary to prepare. I did it simply – it was in my pocket. When planting, it is a tower and fasten it. For the whole trip. It doesn’t prevent the body from moving. If you flew off, you hold your elbow. If you just need the arm. I was taught all that was so hungry with such loops. It was often used from any automobile engine.


  • On the cab, behind the cab.
  • Squatting can not ride.

More important about trips on armor:

If you are on the armor and on the march – shit and piss only with armor. With armor without an order not to jump. We had a ride on the service line. Boobies jumped piss on the wheel. And landed right on a mine.

If you are equipped before leaving this armor. Perhaps you’ll understand the backpack. Remember, you can’t carry out any fighting, either in armor or near. So you can go there, go ahead, go ahead, take a look.

Do not climb under the vehicle.

If you are delivered on armor from “a” to “b” – then climb into the armor and just sit. Riding an armor is a whole science. Armor, you’re 50 percent disabled. I’m scared to think how many people have been crippled under Armored personnel carrier. In my platoon a week later one of the cilia flew under Armored personnel carrier. Alive, but just crushed.

I can give you my statistics:

  1. A wound to the leg.
  2. Countryman accidentally in the country.
  3. I’ve got to know what I’ve been doing.
  4. From my platoon flew off the armor – became disabled.
  5. From my platoon: sat on the armor, shot easy. The machine was not on safety.
  6. 3 corpses, 8 wounded – it is the wounded back in the unit.
  7. Undermining the mine. Our officer and soldier. Died in the hospital.
  8. 3 killed – shot right in the hospital.
  9. It was wounded.
  10. 3 FSB killed in the market. In the back of the head.
  11. Khankala.
  12. He died in hospital.
  13. The commander was wounded.

And the wounded:

In Zapara, as a rule, they are 100 percent, you know where it is. Rummaging as a friend – this is a valuable time. I have never seen a wounded man, although he was within sight.

I advise everyone to provide medical assistance to ALL. Especially the enemy. PASS THE TRAINING ON ANOTHER, AND NOT ON YOURSELF.

Author – andreydolgov

Uran-Martan (Tangi-Chu) 2000. In the photo: Sergeant Dolgov (right, without a cigarette), 2000. Police escort “security” and security convoy.

Over sergeant blood group signal smoke. Once he saved a life, saved a pair of “crocodiles” from fighting. Survivalist knife from Aitor, ordered through the QUELLE catalog. It’s not.

Military technology:

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