Military tips: Get your most out of your paper map.

Paper maps may seem like an old-fashioned tool. It is a basket powered by batteries. Orienteering Requiring a small set of small tools (preferably, at least, maps). But like all the tools, paper card requires care and preparation.

Number grid lines

It will often overlaps the numbering of the grid lines. If you want to see any objects on the map. For convenience, mark the line numbers with a circle or marker.

Protect your card from moisture

Of course, you can’t have a package for paper card. But if you’re getting a sticky film, you’ll receive a sticky film, sold aerosols and sealants. (Lamination also works if you wear it, stiff plastic. A matter of taste, however.) Whichever option, choose your sworn card. If you have a hairy wallet, you need to devoured your heaped hermetic package for paper card, will always do.

Anything is suitable. It should be noted that it is not necessary to note that it has been folded over. Additionally, you can add up already with the packaging.

Fold the card with the adhesive tape (yes, even the bag with the adhesive tape; especially if it is the bag with the adhesive tape). Pierce a hole. Squeeze out the air against the table, etc. Seal the puncture. Done – fast and easy.

  • Pros: relatively quick and easy. It doesn’t have any irreversible effect on your card. It’s hard to mess up.
  • Con: plastic will wear out sometime, especially at the folds and corners. Also, the plastic is scratched and becomes less transparent. It wasn’t any problem.

If you have laminated your paper card, you can manually laminate it. It is better than no protection, but it is forever. In addition, you can see the air bubbles under the tape. For your sake, stick it out.

Remove the tape from the film covering the card

If you want to make it, then you can’t need it. If you’re not using it, you can use the pen for the boards. If you’re all a rock art. Let them dry and erase.

Do not use red marks.

If you’re planning to read your card You can’t write a letter.

Take along a spare paper card

Last but not least, always have a spare card with you. Because the law of meanness. And because bears.

From the translator to the card, coupled with the pair of cuts on it. It’s possible that you’ve been so folded laminated sheet.

Source – JTT: Getting the Most Out of Your Map

Military tips: Get your most out of your paper map.

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