Mines-surprises and mines-traps, a possible device and some types of mines-traps.

Mines-surprises and mines-traps is a mine or explosive charge with a fuse triggered by the displacement of any object associated with a mine or charge. Although such mines are often used in minefields, they are not, however, classified as ordinary landmines.. 

Mines-surprises and mines-traps, a possible device and some types of mines-traps.

Mines-surprises and mines-traps are not used to solve any special tactical tasks, except for incapacitation of enemy forces and their moral suppression. Surprise mines and trap mines are usually set during a retreat, pride in the depths of the enemy’s defense, or when reconnaissance penetrates there. They can be installed anywhere.

. It looks like a beer can or any other. The blasting mechanism can be any improvised fuse or fuse of industrial production, a fuse from a grenade, in which the moderator is previously removed. The mine trap acts by means of a tension wire attached to the exhaust ring. A drummer is released from pulling out the safety pin, which pierces the fuse. This type of mines should not be neutralized, as its accidental undermining may occur.

Concrete fragmentation trap mines.

They consist of an explosive charge enclosed in a concrete case together with bolts, nuts, stones, glass fragments and other metal debris. Usually blown up with batteries or a blasting machine.

Coconut Mina Surprise.

It is made by filling the inner cavity of the nut with black powder. A mine igniter is installed in the mine, although an electric igniter can also be used. The mine is set into the ground and sprinkled on top with stones and bricks to increase the damaging effect. Mines of this type are advisable to use in narrow aisles.

Bamboo Mine Trap.

It is made of a piece of bamboo of large diameter. Bamboo is hollowed out and filled with plastic explosives or black powder, together with nuts, bolts and small stones, scrap metal, to increase efficiency. Usually in a mine, a trowel action fuse is used. It can also be blown up on command electrically..

Mines Traps TOU POPPER.

They are made of cartridge cases or pipe pieces of various diameters. Equipped with black powder, an igniter capsule and various fragments to increase efficiency. If you step on such a mine, ignition of a charge of black gunpowder occurs and the fragments inside shoot up.

Clump trap.

Consists of a hand grenade coated with sun-dried mud or clay. In manufacture, the safety pin is removed and a piece of wire 25-30 cm long is installed in its place. When the dirt becomes hard enough to hold the pin, the wire is removed. Thus, the grenade is transferred to a combat position. Now the grenade will explode if the shell is broken, the installation option can be used as a time bomb. The grenade is placed in a container filled with liquid, and as soon as the liquid has dissolved the shell, an explosion will occur.

Homemade Claymore Mine Trap.

In its effect, it is similar to the American model of the M18A1 mine. The main components include a container, a charge of plastic explosives, the corresponding form of fragments and an electric detonator. Characteristic is the case size 460&# 215; 150×100 mm. A plastic explosive, which is given a curved shape for fan-shaped splinters, is placed in the housing. The fragmentation element is nuts, bolts, nails, glass, cartridge belt links and other improvised materials. In a mine explosion, the affected area usually has the shape of a sector, having great efficiency at ranges up to 50 meters. Mines of this type are often used in pairs. Used wherever crowding is possible, as well as outdoors.

Skyhorse Mine Trap.

It is an improvised anti-personnel weapon made from a section of pipe with a diameter of approximately 50 mm and a length of 30-90 cm. The pipe is closed at one end. An explosive charge is placed in the tube, behind which fragments, nails, stones, pieces of barbed wire, bolts and other improvised material are fixed, secured with wad and sealed with paraffin. The mine has a simple blasting mechanism, mounted on the outside, which can be actuated using a cord or tension wire. This tool is usually installed to cover roads, paths or other routes of possible enemy movement. The mine is set in such a way that it can be blown up by the observer using a cord or in the usual way using a tension wire.

Mining trap from hunting cartridges.

It has two hunting cartridges mounted between two boards in such a way that they can work under pressure on the top board. The design of such a mine is simple and efficient..

Tubular Mine Traps.

Used against small boats and enemy personnel. It is installed by fastening the lower part on a bamboo peg driven into the ground. At pressure, the igniter capsule shifts to the hammer (nail), resulting in the ignition of a black powder enclosed in a limited volume. The resulting explosion ejects fragments closed with a paraffin plug from the tube. This mine is usually called a mine-cartridge.

Shestovoy charge trap.

It consists of a certain amount of explosives wrapped in waterproof fabric and tied to a pole. EXPLOSIVES, more often representing potassium chlorate, are initiated by CD using a flame-retardant cord..

Explosive charge in canister.

It is made by partially filling the explosive capacity of the canister. The fuse is made from a watch. This type of charge is used for sabotage.

Explosive charge “Bangalore torpedo”.

It is usually made from a piece of pipe with a diameter of 50 mm, which is filled with TNT or menilite. The firing socket is located at the end. This charge can be used with any type of fuse..

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