Mini Kit MK-7 – Pouch for EDC

Mini kit (MK-7) is an organizer-pouch for the EDC, which is currently being developed by a famous blogger $ 20 Bandit. At the moment, the project has already raised more than $ 24,000 dollars on the kickstarter.

Consider the insides of the MK-7. It has been a great deal of interest to keep track of your EDC.

It is a small pouch on the outer part of the cartridge pouch.

You can put documents, cards, and other small paper things. It is a flashlight, a cigarette lighter, a cigarette lighter, a tape pattern.

The MK-7 is in a closed form.

One glance is enough to understand – for your taste and needs. Of course, it’s a small part of the EDC, as it’s a trifle organizer, completely.

Backpacks and pouches

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