Mobile sets of products that you can take with you on the road, compilation, a list of items necessary for proper nutrition on the road.

Normal functioning of the human body is impossible irrational nutrition. For this, those who have to be away from stationary food outlets for a long time need to have time-tested and most optimal mobile product complexes. The so-called “confusion”.

Mobile sets of products that you can take with you on the road, compilation, a list of items necessary for normal nutrition on the road.

Such travel kits of finished products can not do for those who stay or often travel on business trips, long or one-day. Someone on duty does not have the opportunity to eat in the dining room or cafe. This is especially important for people who must simultaneously, sometimes in a matter of seconds, maximize their physical and intellectual data..

It’s easy to make mobile food packages or a mess. All the subtlety is to correctly correlate the necessary vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins and carbohydrates. And for this we need special knowledge. So, the main thing is that the food is light, high-calorie and tasty..

Easy – both literally and figuratively. A sandwich, sandwich or hamburger should not be bulky. At the same time, all products included in their composition should be easily absorbed by the body, not to disrupt the normal digestion process. Because the “confusion” is called so because it is convenient to take it with you. Can be neatly packaged and no extra appliances are needed to use it.

Mobile sets of products that you can take with you on the road, compilation, a list of items necessary for proper nutrition on the road.

If necessary, the stock of products can be extended to two or three doses. Or, conversely, use it immediately to get an additional charge of strength and energy, to replenish the strategic supply of the body.

High-calorie and delicious mobile food complexes.

Caloric – this means not only rich in calories, but also balanced. The concept of balanced nutrition, recognized today in all developed countries, is the concept of a varied diet, which contains the amount of fats, proteins, carbohydrates and mineral salts necessary for the normal life of a particular person.

This takes into account the age and nature of human activity. The more physical activity, the more calories are required. So, with a quiet rest, an adult needs 1,500-1,700 calories per day. Workers and employees who are predominantly engaged in mental work – 2600-3000 calories. But the miner or lumberjack – 5000 calories.

In cold weather, the body needs more calories than in warm. In modern conditions, according to the calculations of one of the famous Russian scientists K. S. Petrovsky, the most suitable, optimal ratio is 1: 2: 3, when 2 fat and 3 carbohydrate per 1 protein calorie.

Travel mobile food complexes should be assembled taking into account the principles of a balanced diet. Their caloric content corresponds to the activity of a person who must engage in both physical and mental labor during the day. And often in extreme mode.

Food is tasty not only if it is cooked correctly and well, but also if another very important feature of proper nutrition is taken into account – food compatibility. It is very important to remember that meals should be taken as regularly as possible. Irreparable harm to your body can be done if there is rarely and a lot. Food should be taken at least 3-4 times a day. Better at the same time. Last appointment – 2 hours before bedtime.

So, our task is to help a person who, on duty, is away from home, not to feel discomfort either from hunger or from overeating. Rationally, scientifically composed mobile complexes of products, or “problems”, must support both the physical and mental alertness of his body, pep and good mood.

What you can do without when compiling individual mobile product complexes.

Each experienced worker has his own list of essential necessities on the assignment or on the road. However, we offer an optimal list that anyone can shorten or expand based on the conditions of their work. So, for a rational and healthy diet on the road or on a mission, you may need:

Thermos (1-1.5 liters) for hot or (summer) cold drinks.
Parchment paper for packing sandwiches and other products.
Cellophane bags for packaging all products.
Special packaging for 1-2 (if necessary 4) eggs.
Penknife with a special knife for opening canned food.
Spoon (if it is not in the penknife).
Mug (if it is not in a thermos).
A box made of hard plastic for packing sandwiches or other food.
Bottle of plain or drinking mineral (preferably without gas) water (500 ml).
Paper napkins.

Selection of products in mobile product complexes.

Products that a person takes on the road should support his strength throughout the day, and sometimes several days. Their selection, as a rule, is influenced by a number of factors.

Climatic conditions.

In the warm season, mobile product complexes will be different than in the cold.

The nature of the work performed.

With possible physical exertion, it is better to have only products at hand. With a predominantly sedentary nature of activity, others.


The time during which it is supposed to eat foods (day, night, day, two or more).


Possibility to transfer or transport products (on foot, by car, by train, plane, etc.).

Individual characteristics of the body.

Tolerance of certain products, taste preferences.

Product Availability.

Availability of products from which it is possible to make mobile product complexes or a link. No matter how you would like to cook this or that product, if you do not find it in the refrigerator or in the store, you won’t be able to take it on the road. You need to think how to replace it..

Based on materials from the book KGB Culinary Secrets, misunderstanding.
Smirnova L.

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