Modern combat, weapons and tactics, hand-to-hand combat, firearms and explosives, military operations in extreme conditions, the art of special operations.

, individual actions of fighters and tactics of units. Features of military operations in extreme conditions and special operations. The book contains a large amount of information of a military-historical and military-statistical nature and is illustrated by more than 200 photographs and drawings..

One of the defining characteristics of war is, of course, chaos. Since joining the battle, plans are crumbling, communications are weakening. People die or get injured, military units break up. Security is broken, unpredictability prevails. Tactics counterbalance this chaos.

Military tactics are a practical tool used by armies to achieve goals on the battlefield. The word “tactics” comes from the Greek “taktos”, meaning “predetermined” or “ordered.” Based on this etymology, “tactics” involves the establishment of deliberate control over the battle formation, movement and firing. As well as an attempt to clarify in an obscure environment and achieve an unconditional victory over a superior opponent.

Tactics encompasses every method of warfare, but four elements are central to military theory:


Probably the most important element is protection. The survival of a soldier depends on her. Defensive tactics are one of the most invariable military principles. Soldiers (at least the era of firearms) have always appreciated the protective qualities of the recesses in the ground, even if their command denied such shelters. Moreover, if the tactics of shelter, camouflage and camouflage remains very constant, then defensive tactics are a battle between the emerging technologies of defense and its overcoming.

The weapons of each of the past eras formed a certain character of defensive military operations. Today, the protection of combat positions depends on camouflage, camouflage and mobility, as their detection and static can lead to destruction.

Book’s contents.

Hand-to-hand combat.
Firearms and explosives.
Support weapon.
Fighting in extreme conditions.
Unit Tactics.
The art of special operations.

This book analyzes modern tactical doctrine in the form in which it is studied by soldiers around the world. The first chapter discusses hand-to-hand combat and the technique of waging it with bare hands, using knives or improvised means.

The second chapter, “Firearms and Explosives,” gives tactical principles for using personal weapons. From owning an assault rifle to using destructive subversive charges against large targets.

Chapter Three, “Weapons of Support,” talks about the more powerful weapons available in a soldier’s arsenal and analyzes how he uses weapons such as anti-tank missiles and heavy artillery to maximize his strike and firepower and tactical capabilities.

The fourth chapter, “Combat in extreme conditions,” details how Arctic conditions, the equatorial jungle, and dry deserts affect soldiers, equipment, and tactical movements..

The fifth chapter, “Unit Tactics,” examines the tactical actions of individual military units in standard operational situations. Such as, for example, an ambush action or organization of firing positions.

The last, sixth chapter, “The Art of Special Operations,” is devoted to both conventional operations such as airborne assault and those taught by elite troops. For example, actions to free hostages or penetrate enemy lines using a parachute.

Thanks to new technologies, tactics in the armies of our days have undergone revolutionary changes. However, many tactics are rooted in the distant past. This study shows that although deadly weapons and high-tech equipment have changed the doctrine of military tactics compared to what it was 100 years ago, personal courage, intuition and moral qualities today, as always, are vital to the success of the operation.

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Modern combat, weapons and tactics, hand-to-hand combat, firearms and explosives, military operations in extreme conditions, the art of special operations

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