Modern “history” PMCs. Easy reading for the evening

Generally, if you’ve thoughtfully of the second half of the 20th century PMC changes not so much. For example, everyone’s favorite country of universal democracy USA, It is the main activity of private contractors. And there wasn’t much time for the service of the equipment, and it wasn’t much time.

It was started. It is not always possible to send a person. Air force. Sometimes it is even undesirable. It is not always possible to send it. So what? Therefore, I had to use smugglers. They will be taken anywhere, anywhere. And most importantly – will not ask. And it wouldn’t have been conspiracy. And without it in any way. You will not come and you will not say:

– Say, hello, dear criminals, my name is John Smith, I am from CIA and I need to get a little bit of equipment.

It is clear that it will be clear that it will be clear. In addition, smugglers are nervous and suspicious people, and even intelligent at all. Therefore, they are always insured. And their insurance, as a rule, fiercely spoils any conspiracy. If you don’t need help, you don’t want to know how to use it. It is not always possible to find a bullet in the head. In the meantime, this whole circus is alive and well, CIA (smugglers). Of course, it is possible to collect compromising materials indiscriminately. BUT CIA He worked out the world scarecrow. So, as a result, the smugglers began to run out.

And then an idea came to some nameless genius:

– Guise! We live in the world of free capital! Crazy grandmas tumble into us, and, most importantly, do not control them in any way. Who does it prevent us from creating a transportation system?

It was calculated instantly. Well, really, why not? It’s not the protrude, it’s a rule that it’s not For decent grandmother, by the way. It’s not even possible to organize, but it doesn’t bring them joy. And tie on this stronger. Or they make compromising themselves. Again, catch and offer otmazatsya (and who refuses in this case?).

Against the background CIA the foundation for the future PMC under the roof of the state. For us, you must be able to be honest and adults. At a minimum, there is a bespectacled chain-keeper with incomprehensible official duties sitting next to the accountant’s office and supervising himself. In the future PMC anyway, it doesn’t matter.

So, by the beginning of the 70s under the auspices CIA It has been a flag of

It is not a question of what kind of woman? I mean, to whom did they belong? At a contentment, these boards have USAF It was not a rule. And the customer – in general, you will understand the horse-radish, through three fake faces. It has been managed by several private airlines airlines. For example Timegateair, which existed only for 10 years, from 67 to 77. But it fulfilled its task completely. Recalling Evergreen International Airlines. Coke and whores carrying goods and goods.

Or, for example, a company AirNow, I’m fucked up, ”I’m not sure I’ve been fucked up,” The corpses are in breading from Panama.

If you’ve been one of the companies CIA and others.

Well, so, what’s next? And then, as usual, more. Further development identified budget financing CIA, which is the time of the end Vietnamese campaign so fucked up the government USA their shoals. So, for example, they completely banned the exploitation of their shares. Green berets (as later, in the late 80s, they selected their beloved Delta,).

But the operation need to lead? It is necessary. Oil for water CIA shamefully late. Not only have you been snapped up, have you ever been “unreached”? In short, absolutely, cattle, fear lost. Moreover, after a series of cases when CIAIt was clear that it couldn’t have been a problem. not continue. And, in addition, they are not interested in their own rights, orphans,
– Here you will need to make it, and you’ll take it easy.

And I still had to pay. It has been a great deal of interest to make it clear. After that, in connection with such stories CIA operatives began to end. The situation is a state of mind, it is completely lost. And, you can understand, it’s possible, you can’t be, This is not the case for the child. But there is no need for a mob of a white sagib, with a well-defined goal.

Can not be used. Again, not long thought. Thanks to US law. The gopher also gives you a license to implement Private Security Activity… “Ahuet, give me two!” it took to create at the airlines Chops. So what are the current PMC, technically started with airlines, continued to grow in the form of Chops at these same airlines. This grew by Federal Aviation Marshals, the benefits of which was very much.

And the current harsh “operators“Grew out the pilots of that time, whom they began to learn how to handle weapons and practical shooting on woodcock.

However, it has been shown that it has been a rule that it has been a better choice. Therefore it was necessary in such here Chopah create groups for “escorting goods”. It has been decided that it’s important to PMC.

It’s not a problem. And in the world practice, the concept of “security contract»By the state.

The volume of services PMC in the world market wars up to 60%. Of course, I’m not sure what to say. In the end, we must not forget that in addition to USA other countries played on the world map PMC in fact it is. For example, the same British PMC origin of the sea carriers. Not surely successful PMC, survived to our days, based on the transport business.

From such a funny historical reference.


Modern &# 171; history&# 187; PMCs. Easy reading for the evening

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